Australian Folk Songs

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The Song of the Shears

A Song by J.B.WilsonŠJ.B.Wilson 1901

Click, click, click!
The fight has begun at last;
Click, click, click!
Don't make the pace too fast.
For those wethers kick and strain
In a most outrageous way,
And our backs will ache with pain
If we rush the kip to-day.

Clink, clink, clink!
I hear the glasses rattle
Clink, clink, clink!
In a different kind of battle.
And the landlord winks his eye
And says to himself "You bet,
They like to shear 'em dry,
But I like to shear 'em wet!"


Published in the, Worker Saturday 14 September 1901 p. 6. with the note "J. B. Wilson, Forbes. N.S.W. Worker."


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