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The Mortgage Big (1895)

The Mortgage Big

Did you ever see a mortgage big ?
A mortgage big ;
It eats the farm, the cow, and pig,
The cow and pig.
It eats the butter and the cheese,
It eats the hives of houey bees,
It eats the peach and apple trees,
The apple trees.

It eats the handsome two-year-old,
The two-year-old ;
The pretty gelding must be sold,
He must be sold.
It eats the wheat, the oats aud corn,
The farmer's heart with grief is worn,
His overalls are tattered and torn,
Are tattergd and torn.

It eats the ducks and it eats the hen,
It eats the hen ;
It comes in the dark you know not when
You know not when.
The farmer's wife is filled with sighs,
It puts the tear drops in her eyes,
It steals her plums and apple pies,
Her apple pies.

It makes her wear an old print dress,
An old print dress ;
It fills her soul with great distress,
With great distress.
It hurts and injures every arm,
She knows down in her bosom warm
That's why the boys all leave the farm,
They leave the farm !

Did you ever see a mortgage big ?
A mortgage big ;
It eats the goose, the colt, the pig,
The colt and pig.
It eats the haystack and the hen,
It makes a wreck of perch and pen,
And oh ! it makes a wreck of men,
A wreck of men !

Toronto Weekly Globe.


From the South Australian Newspaper the Weekly Herald 22 Mar 1895 p. 1.


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