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List of Wattle Records and Films

Wattle was unique in many respects – it was the first Australian record label to have a major hit record on the Australian record charts; the first to make dramatised and animated films of bush ballads; the first to commercially release recordings of didgeridoo playing and Aboriginal traditional songs; the first to invent and use a portable recording desk and a synchronised film and audio tape machine and the first to have Australian bush music played on television - on ABCTV. more

Wattle Records editing: Peter Hamilton and Edgar Waters

A Series 78s

A1 The Bushwhackers The Drover’s Dream / The Bullockies’ Ball
A2 The Bushwhackers Travelling Down the Castlereagh / Australia’s on the Wallaby
A3 The Bushwhackers Old Bullock Dray / Nine Miles from Gundagai
A4 The Bushwhackers Give a Fair Go / Rabbiter (not issued?)
A5 The Bushwhackers Botany Bay / Click Go the Shears
A6 Patrick Galvin Kelly the Boy from Killane / The Tricolour Ribbon
A7 Barbara Lisyak The Old Woman and the Piggy / Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
A8 Barbara Lisyak The Seven Joys of Mary / The Coventry Girl
A9 Ewan MacColl Jim Jones at Botany Bay / Black Velvet Band
A10 A L Lloyd Euabalong Ball / Lime-Juice Tub
A11 The Bushwhackers Black Velvet Band / The Hut That’s Upside-Down
A12 Ewan MacColl Poor Paddy Works on the Railway / The Factory Girl
A13 Ewan MacColl The Coal Owner and the Pitman’s Wife / Cosher Bailey’s Engine
A14 Beth Schurr Christ Was Born in Bethlehem / The Holly Bears a Berry
A15 Beth Schurr The Green Bushes / If I Were a Blackbird
A16 John Greenway The Cat Came Back / Tying a Knot in the Devil’s Tail
A17 The Rambleers Waltzing Matilda / The Shearer’s Dream

B Series 7" 33rpm EPs
B1 The Bushwhackers Australian Bush Songs
B2 MacColl & Lloyd Convicts and Currency Lasses
B3 Bill Scott & Stan Arthur Billygoat Overland
B4 The Rambleers Waltzing Matilda
B5 Dougie Young The Land Where the Crow Flies Backwards

C Series 10" LPs
C1 John Greenway Workin’ on a Buildin’
C2 John Greenway American Songs of Protest
C3 [Patrick Galvin Irish Songs of Resistance – not issued?]
C4 A L Lloyd Banks of the Condamine
C5 MacColl & Lloyd Singing Sailors
C6 MacColl & Lloyd Shanties and Foc’sle Songs
C7 Australian Traditional Singers and Musicians (Archive Series No 1)
C8 The Rambleers The Old Bark Hut
C9 Bandicoots & Moreton Bay Bushwhackers Songs from Queensland

D Series 12" LPs
D1 A L Lloyd Across the Western Plains
D2 Music of New Guinea (Archive Series No 2)
D3 The Fossickers Australian Goldrush Songs
D4 The Art of the Didjeridu
D5 Arnhem Land Popular Classics

E Series 7" 45rpm singles
E1 Bushwhackers Drover’s Dream/Bullockies Ball
E2 The Rambleers Michael Row the Boat Ashore/Children Go Where I Send Thee

F Series 12" LPs
F1 Traditional Singers and Musicians in Victoria

Wattle Films
Wattle Ballad Series No. 1 Old Black Billy The Rambleers 1961
Wattle Ballad Series No. 2 The Gold Diggers Ted Dunn, Arthur Greig and Jim Mills 1961
Wattle Ballad Series No. 3 Reedy River The Rambleers 1961
Wattle Ballad Series No. 4 The Old Bullock Dray The Bushwhackers 1961
Wattle Ballad Series No. 5 Click Go the Shears The Rambleers 1961


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