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Bert Lloyd Tribute - Cecil Sharp House 15 November 2008

From Malcolm Taylor (EFDSS Library Director)

As one of the organisers of the event, what was so telling for me was not only the speed with which all those invited responded to say a most definite 'yes', but that nearly a year later they all made it, plus a couple of additions, and freely gave of their time.

You could tell on the day just how much all the performers wanted to do it and pay their dues, while the emotion in the audience simply made the day a joy, both artistically and socially. Only Roy Harris was unable to attend and he was very upset about that and was the first to ask how it went.

Indeed, we had too many offers to perform, which included a number of musicians from the new wave that is sweeping us at then moment.

I often think that Bert is being forgotten but perhaps such a response proves me wrong. Dave Arthur's book, about two thirds of which I have read and recommend it very highly, will hopefully make sure this does not happen.

Highlights of the day will be broadcast on World Routes (BBC Radio 3):


Many thanks to Malcolm Taylor for permission to add this review to the Australian Folk Songs website


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