Australian Folk Songs
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Title list of Female Warrior ballads
(From the Appendix "Warrior Women and Popular Balladry")

1. The Banks of The Nile (other titles: Dixie's Isle; Down in Dixie's Isle; Texas Isle).

2. Billy and Nancy's Kind Parting (The Sailor's Adieu; Lovely Nancy; The True Lover's Departure; Farewell, Dearest Nancy; The Sailor 's Sweetheart; Adieu Lovely Mary; Farewell Nancy; Johnnie and Molly; Molly and Johnnie; Jimmy and Nancy).

3. Billy and Nancy's Parting (The Happy Couple; Jimmy and Nancy on The Sea; Johnnie and Nancy; Lisbon; Lovely Annie; Lovely Nancy; The Maiden's Lamentation; Molly Bawn; Molly's Courtship to Sweet William; Nancy, Lovely Nancy; A New Song; Polly and Sweet William; Pretty Molly; The Pretty Sailor; Sweet William; William and Nancy; William and Polly).

4. Billy and Polly.

5. The Bonny Lassie's Answer.

6. Bonny Mally Stewart (Mally Stuart).

7. The Bonny Sailor Boy (The Constant Pair, or The Pretty 'Prentice Boy).

8. The Bristol Bridegroom (The Ship Carpenter's Love to A Merchant's Daughter; The Happy Ship Carpenter; The Heroick Damsel; True Love Well Rewarded).

9. The Cabin Boy.

10. Canada-I-O (Canada Heigho; The Lady's Trip to Kennedy; The Gallant Lady; Kennady- I-O; Calladee-I-O; Canadee-i-o).

11. The Captain of Love (The Lady and The Farmer; The Rich Nobleman and His Daughter).

12. Groline and Her Young Sailor Bold (The Young Sailor Bold; The Nobleman 's Daughter; Caroline and Her Young Sailor Boy; A Rich Nobleman's Daughter; Young Caroline and The Sailor).

13. The Chester Garland.

14. A Conscionable Couple.

15. Constance and Anthony (An Admirable New Northern Story; An Admirable New Northern Story of Two Constant Lovers).

16. The Constant Female (The Rakish Female Sailor; Blue Jacket and White Trousers; For A Maid I Am that 's Deep in Love; I Am A Maid in Love: Jimmy 's Love: The Maid In Sorrow; Short Jacket) .

17. The Constant Lover of Worcestershire (The Worcestershire Garland; The Valiant Lady or The Brisk Young Lively Lad).

18. The Constant Lovers (The Farmer's Daughter; The Lady and The Sailor; The Sailor's Happy Marriage; The Disguised Sailor; The Landlady and The Sailor; The Press Gang, or in London Fair City; The Rich Merchant; The Rich Merchant's Daughter; The Sailor and The Merchant's Daughter; The Sailor's Lover).

19. The Discourse Betweene A Souldier and His Love.

20. The Drum Major.

21. The Dublin Tragedy (The Unfortunate Merchant 's Daughter).

22. The Duke of Argyle.

23. Fair Ellen.

24. Faithful Ellen.

25. The Faithful Lovers Farewell.

26. The Faithless Captain, or The Betrayed Virgin (The Faithless Sea Captain).

27. The Famous Woman Drummer.

28. The Female Captain.

29. The Female Drummer (The Pretty Drummer Boy).

30. The Female Pressgang (The Maidens Frolic).

31. The Female Rambling Sailor (The Rambling Female Sailor).

32. The Female Sailor.

33. The Female Sailor (Ann Jane Thornton).

34. The Female Sailor Bold (The Female Sailor; The Gallant Female Sailor; A Faithful Account of The Perilous Adventures of That Courageous Young Female, Anne Jane Thornton).

35. The Female Smuggler ( The Female Smugguler; The Female Smuggler and The Bold Commodore).

36. The Female Soldier.

37. The Female Tar (I).

38. The Female Tar (I).

39. The Female Volunteer (I).

40. The Female Volunteer (II).

41. The Female Warrior (I).

42. The Female Warrior (II) (The Female Sea-Captain, or The Painful Damsel; The Valiant Maiden; The Beauty of Baltimore; The Bold Damosel [sic]; The Rainbow; Aboard The Resolution; Pretty Polly; The Rich Damsel).

43. The Frolicsome Maid Who Went To Gibralter.

44. The Galiant Sailor [sic], and Noble Man's Daughter.

45. The Gallant She-Souldier.

46. George's Quay (The Forgetful Sailor; Johnny Doyle).

47. The Handsome Cabin Boy (The Female Cabin Boy).

48. The Happy Couple (The Valiant Maid; The Valiant Maiden; Billy and Sally's Parting; The Noble Duke; The Damsel Disguised; She Dressed Herself Like A Duke).

49. Henry and Mary Ann.

50. Henry and Nancy (The Lovers' Separation).

51. High Germany (Higher Germany).

52. The Highland Soldier (The Gallant Soldier).

53. I Wish the Wars Were All Over (Down in The Meadow).

54. The Isle of White (Isle of Wight; The Outlandish Lady 's Love to An English Sailor in The Isle of Wight).

55. Jack Monroe (Jack Munro; Jack The Sailor; The Soldier Maid; The Rich Merchant; The Rich Old Merchant; The Merchant in London; The London Merchant; Jackie Frazier; Johnny Fraizer; The Sailor; Poor Jackey; The Merchant's Daughter;Jackie Went A-Sailing; The Wars of Germany; The British Lady; Lily Munro; Jackaro; Jackie-Ro; Polly and Jack Monroe; Jack The Soldier).

56. James and Flora (The United Lovers).

57. Johnny and Molly (A New Song; The Loyal Comrades).

58. The Lady Leroy (The Lady Del Roy; Lady Uri; Sally and Her Lover; Bill Roy).

59. The Lady Turned Soldier.

60. The Lancashire Heros [sic].

61. The London Heiress (The Lady Heiress and The Farmer's Son; The Dublin Heiress).

62. The London Merchant (The Rich Merchant's Daughter; The Old Merchant and Daughter; Willie).

63. Love and Glory (Henry and Jane; Young Harry).

64. The Lover's Lamentation for The Girl He left Behind Him; and Her Answer.

65. The Loyal Lovers Garland.

66. The Loyal Soldiers Gurtship.

67. The Maiden Sailor.

68. The Maid's Lamentation in Bedlam.

69. The Mariner's Misfortune.

70. Mary Ambree (Mary Aumbra; Marye Aumbree; The Siege of Gaunt; or, The Valorous Acts of Mary Ambree; The Valorous Acts Performed at Gaunt . . . by Mary Ambre).

71. Mary's Fate (Faithful Mary; Ben and Mary; Ben Block and Mary).

72. Maudlin, The Merchant 's Daughter of Bristol (Fair Maudlin, or, The Merchant 's Daughter of Bristol; The Merchant's Daughter of Bristow; Maudlin).

73. My Willy Was A Sailor Bold.

74. Nancy 's Love (Nancy 's Love for The Handsome Serjeant).

75. New York Streets (The Constant Lovers; The Valiant Lady; The Valiant Young Lady; The Female Champion; The Silk Merchant 's Daughter; As I Was A- Walking; The Castaways; The Merchant 's Daughter Turned Sailor) .

76. The North Country Maids Resolution and Love to Her Sweetheart.

77. On Board of A Man-of-War.

78. The Paisley Officer (Blythe and Bonny Scotland; In Blythe and Bonny Fair Scotland; India 's Burning Sands; India 's Burning Shore; Mary, The Village Pride; The Village Pride; Henry and Mary).

79. The Philadelphia Lass (Mary in Search of Her Lover; Billy from America; The Unconstant Lover).

80. The Ploughboy (The Pretty Ploughboy; The Pretty Little Ploughboy; The Simple Ploughboy; It's of A Pretty Ploughboy; The Jolly Ploughboy).

81. Polly Oliver (Polly Oliver's Rambles; The Female Soldier; The Maids Resolution to Follow Her Love; In Dublin's Fair City; Lovely Annie; Pretty Polly; Pretty Polly Oliver; There Was a Fair Damsel).

82. Poor Peggy (Poor Peg).

83. The Press'd Soldier.

84. The Protestant Commander.

85. The Protestant Souldier and His Love.

86. The Rose of Britain's Isle.

87. Rose The Red and White Lily.

88. The Sailor on The Sea (It Happened One Day).

89. The Scotch Virago (The Maiden Warrier [sic] ).

90. The Seaman of Dover (The Sailor of Dover; The Maidstone Garland).

91. The Seamans Doleful Farewell.

92. The Soldier's Bride.

93. The Soldier's Delight.

94. The Souldiers Farewel [sic] To His Love (A Jigge).

95. The Soldier's Farewell -to Manchester (The Girl Volunteer; Johnny; The Cruel War Is Raging; Tomorrow Is Sunday; The Wars of Germany; A Civil War Song; Johnny Must Fight; Poor Johnnie; O Johnny, Dear Johnny).

96. A Song of Marion 's Men.

97. The Spanish Lady 's Love.

98. Susannah Cope.

99. Susan 's Adventures in- a British Man-of- War (Susan 's Adventures in A Man-of- War; On Board of A Man-of-War).

100. The Tragical Ballad.

101. True Lovers (The King's Commands Must Be Obeyed; High Germany).

102. The Two Faithful Lovers.

103. The Undaunted Female.

104. The Undaunted Sailor.

105. The Undaunted Seaman.

106. The Valiant Commander, With His Resolute Lady.

107. The Valiant Damsel.

108. The Valiant Maidens.

109. The Valiant Virgin.

110. A Voyage To Virginia: Or, The Valiant Souldiers Farewell To His Love.

111. The Wandering Virgin.

112. William and Harriet.

113. William and Nancy)s Parting.

114. William and Phillis (Phillis and Young William).

115. William of The Man-of-War (A New Song Called The Man-of-War).

116. William of The Royal Waggon Train (Lovely William of The Royal Waggon Train; YoungWilliam of The Royal Waggon Train; William of The Waggon Train; Young William of The Waggon Train).

117. William Taylor (Billy Taylor; Bold William Taylor; Willy Taylor; The False Lover; The Female Lieutenant; If You'll Get Up Early In The Morning).

118. The Woman Warrier [sic].

1l9. Wounded Nancy's Return.

120. Young Henry Of The Raging Main.


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