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Creating a Stack

(with One Field and Two buttons)

  1. Open HyperCard

  2. Select New Stack... from the File menu

  3. Type MyStack into the New stack name: box

  4. When you click on New your new stack will open as a blank white screen

  5. Select Stack Info... from the Objects menu in the menubar

  6. Click OK to close this dialog box

  7. Choose Background from the Edit menu

    The menubar will now have hatch marks. These marks indicate that you are now in the background layer

  8. Tear off the Tools palette from the menu ( select Tools and hold the button on your mouse down as you drag across the screen)

  9. Select the rectangle paint tool from the Tools palette. Click on the screen and drag a rectangle shape holding the mouse button down

  10. Select the paint bucket in the Tools palette and then select a pattern from the Patterns menu in the menubar

  11. Click once inside the rectangle you have made

Now add a Field and 2 Buttons

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