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Authoring Languages and Programs

Multimedia Authoring Systems FAQ

Jamie Siglar's FAQ addresses the authoring system questions of multimedia developers who monitor comp.multimedia.

Authorware Attain

Authorware is a leading cross-platform development tool for computer based training featuring a icon-menu based development environment.

Digital Chisel

Author your own multimedia lessons with just a few clicks of your mouse Now accelerated for the Power Macintosh, this exciting new release allows teachers and students to create presentations, storybooks, lessons, reports, or interactive CD-ROM titles with point-and-click ease. This MacUser Editor's Choice award-winning program (Best New Multimedia Software of 1994) features paint and draw tools, QuickTime movies, text-to-speech, animation, question templates, and an integrated database.


Advertised as "the most powerful tool for multimedia production", Director is well known behind the scenes of numerous commercial titles. The Director Web includes demos.


While HyperCard pioneered the concept of a multimedia hypertext document as a "stack of cards" supported by the power of an understandable English-like scripting language, the implementation was found to be restrictive and limiting in many ways. One of our primary goals with the original version of HyperSense was to do away with these limitations, building upon the strengths of the HyperCard model while offering users significantly greater flexibility in structuring documents to achieve their desired results.


Founded in 1978 by a classroom teacher, Roger Wagner Publishing has been providing software that emphasizes technology as a personal creative tool. The company is committed to supporting teachers with a vision of how the meaningful and appropriate use of technology can foster a more individual and humanistic learning environment. ing our product, not figuring it out.


MetaCard is a cross platform application development and multimedia authoring tool for Windows 3.1/95/NT, UNIX, and MacOS. MetaCard's powerful, customizable editor and high performance scripting language make it the easiest way to build graphical applications, Computer Based Training, multimedia presentations, and hypermedia documents.

ToolBook II

Asymetrix Multimedia ToolBook provides all the tools you need to easily and quickly integrate hypermedia text, graphics, animation, sound, digital video and audio into your applications.

PowerProduction Software

Interactive Production Software for...Multimedia...Film...Video...and the World Wide Web. Digital Box Office The powerful and easy-to-use multimedia authoring tool for creative interactive designers and producers. From first-time creatives to experienced desktop producers, Digital Box Office makes it easy to author your multi-media project. All the power with no programming language! Announcing a New Product from PowerProduction Software webburst. Add Multimedia to Your Web Page with the Power of Java Without Grinding Any Code.


Quest for Windows is designed for developers at all levels. All multimedia tasks that are frequently used are available at the entry level. Developers work from WYSIWYG displays and floating toolbars to assemble graphics, text, audio, video motion, buttons and animations, or to set up branching and interactions. Novices can design and create dynamic titles and courses with Quest. At the same time, skilled experts will not be inhibited, either. All the power of "C" programming code is embedded in the system.

Question Mark

Question Mark is a program that allows you to use a computer to write, deliver and analyze tests, surveys and study guides. You enter your questions into any computer (PC or Mac) and individuals answer them on-line. Questions might be delivered via floppy disk, a local area network, email or the World Wide Web. Question Mark then marks and analyzes the answers for you with full confidentiality.


Long-time HyperCard fan Dan Gelder has been hard at work on a new xTalk development tool. His web page has some screen shots and more details. Serf is now out in Beta.


From IncWell DMG, "SuperCard allows you to author application media with the look-and-feel of either a HyperCard stack, a Director animation, a standard multi-windowed Macintosh application, or something completely new." And still "coming soon" is the Windows version.

Australian SuperCard Group

This group is a 'virtual' organisation for people interested in multimedia development and SuperCard in particular. This site is intended to allow multimedia developers to find each other, to find resources and to be able to seek help in solving problems. The site was established in November of 1995 and is located at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia.

Visual Basic

Among a list of other resources, this page features Ask Dr. VB!, which allows the Visual Basic users on the Net to get answers to questions about Visual Basic.

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