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Recorded History of the Revival
An overview by Rob Willis(c)1999

The history of the folk revival has been a passion of mine for many years.

Along the way I have recorded interviews with most of the original (1950's) Bushwhackers. John Meredith, Jack Barrie, Harry Kay, missed out on Brian Loughlin but have made extensive recordings about him. In my opinion he is the forgotten man of Australian folk. Stephan Williams and I have also prepared the draft of a book about Brian Loughlin.

Other members of the original Bushwhackers have also been recorded including Alex Hood, Chris Kempster, Cec Grievas and Jamie Carlin Extensive recordings of the late Alan Scott have also been made.

Noreen Grunseit, Anne Kay and Gay Scott have been interviewed regarding the role of women in the early days.

The late Jim Buchanan from Melbourne was recorded in 1987 talking about the first production of Reedy River and the Nariel festival. I also have Jim's papers, correspondence, repertoires and record collection in my personal collection.

Gary Shearston and Don Henderson are others recorded (Henderson by Edgar Waters - great interview). The masters of early Wattle (Folklore) recordings are held in the National Library and Edgar Waters has also interviewed Peter Hamilton the founder of Wattle records.

Most of these recordings are available through the National Library of Australia - Inter Library loans can be arranged through your local Library.

Videos of some of these performers and also of John Meredith performing the early folk dances of the Eureka Youth League - later carried on to the Bush
Music Club are in the Willis collection National Film and Sound Archive.

Please contact me if any further information is required.

Rob Willis


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