Australian Folk Songs
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Chris Kempster Tribute Concert Photos

Photography Bob Bolton (May 30 2004)

colleen burke
Colleen Burke

kate delaney
Kate Delaney
annette and alex
Annette and Alex Hood
the fagansjeannie lewis and friends
                 Kate, Margaret and Bob Fagan                                        Mark, Jeannie, Maurie, Alison, Tom and Deanne
Margaret Fagan
marg fagan
jeannie and friends
Jeannie Lewis
Maurie Mulheron
Alison Jones
Tom Bridges
Deanne Dale
Kate Delaney
Chris Wheeler
Phyl Lobl
kate, chris and phyl

sonia bennett
                                     Sonia Bennett

tim malfroy and emma stacker

     Emma Stacker and Tim Malfroy
Alison Jones
Chloe Roweth
Jason Roweth
all of us
australian traditional songs . . . a selection by mark gregory