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There are hundreds of Paul Robeson web sites across the world. You can easily find them by searching using "Paul Robeson".

Here are a few to get you started

Paul Robeson Centennial Celebration
c/- Columbia College 600 S Michigan Avenue
Chicago IL 60605

This is the site of the official committee to celebrate Paul Robeson's Centenary

Paul Leroy Robeson studied at Rutgers University which describes him as their most famous graduate. Rutgers have a very comprehensive web site celebrating their former student at:

Black History Month has a Paul Robeson entry at:

"An Anarchist Looks at Life"
Speech by Emma Goldman from transcript of proceedings of the
Foyle's Twenty-Ninth Literary Luncheon, March 1, 1933.
Including speech by Paul Robeson and Rebecca West

Paul Robeson was a citizen of the world and made friends wherever he went. In many countries he was more famous than in the USA, and quite often found it much easier to find work away from home. In London he worked as a singer, actor both stage and film, and public speaker for many causes. This transcript from 1933 gives an interesting insite to Paul Robeson as a public figure.