AFFLEY, DeclanDay the pub Burnt downM712”74/When Jones Ale Was New/ Jug of This/ Shickered As He Could Be/ Jog Along Till Shearing/ Carrickfergus/ In A White Man’s Shoe/ The Day The Pub Burnt Down/ John Barleycorn/ Yellow Bittern/ Shanties By The Way/ Jolly Farmer/ Whether Or No/ Hard Tack/ The Lush Land
AFFLEY, DeclanDay the pub Burnt downM7lp74When Jones Ale Was New Jug of This Shickered As He Could Be Jog Along Till Shearing Carrickfergus In A White Man's Shoe The Day The Pub Burnt Down John Barleycorn Yellow Bittern Shanties By The Way Jolly Farmer Whether Or No Hard Tack The Lush Land
AFFLEY, DeclanDeclan AffleyTara lp, cass87/An Comhra DunThe Star of the County DownThe Lament for MunsterCarrickfergusThe Ship Repairing MenWeevils in the FlourBump Me Into ParliamentOff to California / The Boys of Blue HillBill From ErskinvilleThe Yellow BitternThe Trifecta SongThe Ant
AFFLEY, DeclanThe Rake And Rambling ManUnion14 tr 12” with Mike Ball67/also issued on Score POL 040

The Limerick RakeHomeless ManThe Palatine's DaughterThe Maryborough MinerInstrumental (Portlairge)Soft Deal Board (An Clar Bog Del)Rake and Rambling ManQueensland WhalersJim Jones of Botany BayThe Flighty TailorThe Antarctic Fleet Instrumental
AFFLEY, Declan with Mike BallThe Rake And Rambling ManUnion14 tr lp 67also issued on Score POL 040

The Limerick Rake
Homeless Man
The Palatine's Daughter
The Maryborough Miner
Instrumental (Portlairge)
Soft Deal Board (An Clar Bog Del)
Rake and Rambling Man
Queensland Whalers
Jim Jones of Botany Bay
The Flighty Tailor
The Antarctic Fleet Instrumental
ALEXANDER-GRIEVE, DonaldMum’s ChoiceRowancd95/
APELT, RuthMama's Out Walking
8 tr ca*92/03Spider’s Fly/ A Man’s a Man/ Girls with White Dresses/ A Radical/ Brisbane Town/ Mama’s Out Walkin’/ Silver’s Not Gold/ Jesse and Me
APELT, RuthTold You TwiceApelt10 tr cd*94/11Girls in White Dresses/ Told You Twice/ 1969/ Mother Nature Blues/ The Culture Comes Down/ Spide & the Fly/ Tourist-Led Recovery/ Rose/ Mama’s Out Walking/ Jesse and Me
APPLEFORD, Brian Songs from the PuddingBrunswick12” with Louis McMANUS88/
ARMSTRONG, AndyBefore I ForgetO.P. Music12”80/My Song, Stranger’s Names, Half the World, Lullaby, Willy of Winsbury, Mountain, Spiritual, Lord Franklin, Seabird
ARMSTRONG, JohnBusker at HeartBushland/ Festival12 tr 12”82
ARTHUR, StanBilly Goat OverlandWattle7 tr7” with Bill Scott58/
ASHCROFT, JohnnyLittle Boy LostColumbia12 tr 12”*6?Wild Rover No More/ Bushfire/ Little Boy Lost/ The Flying Doctor/ The Stockman’s Last Bed/ Waltzing Matilda/ Mrs Swaggie Joe/ Araluen/ Fisher’s Ghost/ Click go the Shears/ Old Black Billy/ Cumbalara Jack
ASHCROFT, JohnnyMostly FolkColumbia lp

ASHDOWN, Doug And the Band Played Waltzing MatildaCBS2 tr 7”81/09And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda/ Tell Me Honey, Honey
ASHDOWN, Doug Empty Without You Festival12”77/09?Are You Lonesome Tonight, Come on Out Tears, Empty Without You, For Old Love’s Sake, How Great Thou Art, I’m so Lonesome I could Cry, If I Could live my Life Again, Leave Love Enough Alone, Pocket Full of Keys, Raining in my Heart, Till I get it Right, Where the Blue of the Night Meets the Cold of the day, Why Don’t We Live Together
ASHDOWN, Doug Fraser Of A DayCBS2 tr 7”82/10Fraser Of A Day/ Promised Land
ASHDOWN, Doug Guess I’m Doing FineCBS2 tr 7”66Guess I’m Doing Fine/ Ella Speed
ASHDOWN, Doug I’ve Come To Save The WorldSweet Peach 2 tr 7”69/05I’ve Come To Save The World/ Day They Freed The Noise
ASHDOWN, Doug Leave Love Enough AloneBillingsgate12”74/04?re-issued with a new title: Winter in America
re-issued on cd

Flowers & the Wine, Jeannie, Leave Love Enough Alone, Love Ain’t Worth Living, No Other Words, Sally Broome, Skid Row, They Always Seem to Look Like Marianne, Tomorrow is the Last Time, Willies Shades, You Are All I Need to Know of Love, You’re the Song
ASHDOWN, Doug Leave Love Enough Alone (Winter In America)Billingsgate2 tr 7”74/09Leave Love Enough Alone ( Winter In America)/ Skid Row
ASHDOWN, Doug LiveSweet Peach12”72Baby, You’ve been on My Mind, Buddy Can You Spare a Dime, First Girl I Loved, He’s All those Things, The Last Thing on My Mind, Pen in Hand, Satisfaction, Susanne, Whistle a Happy Tune
ASHDOWN, Doug Love Lives Larrikin12”87/04?Have You read to Your children today?, He Loves the Land, I Wanna Change the World, Love Lives, Love Grows, Loving & Losing Someone, One Piece of Paper, She Can’t Keep Still, Since I gave My Heart to You, Wayside Willie’s Year, We Can Take it From There, You’re Still the Only One
ASHDOWN, Doug Love Lives Love GrowsLarrikin2 tr 7”87/06?Love Lives Love Grows/ He Loves the Land
ASHDOWN, Doug Love Will Never Be The Same AgainASH2 tr 7”77/08Love Will Never Be The Same Again/ Places Trees Should Have Grown
ASHDOWN, DougNo Cheap GraceDolphin14 tr cd*95/11Cartwheels on Quicksand/ Her Heart’s on the Highway/ Losing the Angels/ Stowaways/ Too Much to Love Last Time/ Remember my Life/ I Owe my Chains/ One Cowboy Doesn’t Make a Rodeo/ To Have and to Hold/ That’s How it is when You’re Young/ The Moon on Clancy’s Wings/ If Wishes Were Horses/ Winter in America/ No Cheap Grace
ASHDOWN, Doug Saddest Day Of AllSweet Peach 2 tr 7”70/05Saddest Day Of All/ Georgetown
ASHDOWN, Doug She Can’t Keep StillLarrikin2 tr 7”87/03?She Can’t Keep Still/ I Gave My Heart to You
ASHDOWN, Doug SourceCBS10 tr 12”685 D, The Dolphins, For Lovin’ Me, Gambaraga, He’s all these Things, The House Song, Lilac Wine, She Belongs to Me, Something Strange, Suzanne
ASHDOWN, Doug Susan of the StormSweet Peach2 tr 7”70/09?Susan of the Storm/ And the Lion Roared
ASHDOWN, Doug The Age of Mouse Sweet Peach12”70/06?re-issue with different cover) Festival 45603/4 1975

And the Lion Roared, Antique Annie’s Magic Lantern Show, Galilee, Georgetown, Holly 1-45, I Remember Alice, I’ve Come to Save Your World, Irish Missed Again, Mothers & Sons, Mouse, On the Day they Freed the Noise, The Race, Saddest Song of All, Who is it That Shall Come One Day, Sister Gabrielle, Susan of the Straw, We the Bridges
ASHDOWN, DougThe Real ThingCBS12 tr 12”67/Ain't That News/ Baby You've Been on My Mind/ Codeine/ Hide Your Love Away/ High Flying Bird/ I Know a Girl/ I'm Going Away/ Just a Hand to Hold/ Please Let me Stay With You/ Sometime Lovin'/ Sounds of Silence/ Till the Real thing Comes Along
ASHDOWN, Doug They Always Seem To Look Like MarianneBillingsgate2 tr 7”74/02They Always Seem To Look Like Marianne/ Tomorrow Is The Last Time
ASHDOWN, DougThis is Doug AshdownCBS12 tr 12”65/Backwater Blues/ Chilly Winds/ Ella Speed/ Got My Mind on Freedom/ Guess I'm Doing Fine/ I Sure Ain't Standin' Still/ Old Goat/ Quit Your Lowdown Ways/ The Riddle Song/ Thanks for the Hand to Hold/ Universal Soldier / What Season's Comin' Tonight
ASHDOWN, Doug TreesAsh12”77/04?Halo & Wings, I Can Almost see Belfast From here, Lady Clare, Love Will Never be the Same again, Oldest Living Groupie in Chicago, Places The Trees Should have Grown, Rowe St, The Saddest Song of All, Throw a little Sun at the Rain, We Used to be a Love Song, Welcome in Gold, Working for You
ASHDOWN, Doug Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going OnPhilips2 tr 7”69/03Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On/ Marcie

ASHDOWN, Doug Why Don’t We Live TogetherBillingsgate2 tr 7”76/02Why Don’t We Live Together/ How Great Thou Art
ASHDOWN, Doug Willie’s ShadesBillingsgate2 tr 7”76/06Willie’s Shades/ No Other Words
ASHDOWN, DougWinter in America (re-issueFestivalcd91/
ASHDOWN, Doug World For The Right Kind Of ManCBS2 tr 7”83/10World For The Right Kind Of Man/ Mind Like A Highway
ASHDOWN, Doug World For The Right Kind Of ManCBS12”83/11And the Band Played, Country Herb, God Knows, Just Thank Me, Lost Weekend Blues, Love is Not Supposed to be this Way, Love Will Never Be the Same Again, Mind Like a Highway, Tell Me Honey Honey, World for the Right Kind of Man
ASHDOWN, Doug You’re The SongBillingsgate2 tr 7”75/02You’re The Song/ Love Ain’t Worth...........
ATKINS, GaryNothin’ Else AroundW Recordings12”75Nothin’ Else Around, Jenny, Franklin Harbour Fisherman, Pichi Richi Railway, Such is Life, Ballad of Sylvia Birdseye, Aborigine Greys, West Coast Wander, Rabbit Trapper Perce, Noodlin’ Ned, The Wild Colonial Sheep, All Gone Away in the Morning
AUSTRAL SINGERSAustralian SongsOpal 2 tr 7”ndDrovers Dream/ Song Of Australia
BAHLOOLeave it in the GroundMonkey Mia2 tr 7”84/
BAHLOOLiving on an IslandMonkey Mia2 tr 7”84/
BAHLOOLiving on an Island Monkey 12”84/
BAKER, Kevin+ another?

BAKER, KevinThe Snowy Mountain MenCurrancy Folk12”82/
BAKERS, THETemple HillLarrikincd98/12
BALL AND CHAIN, THEAutumn Days in Clare ValleySphere14 tr 12”*76/Clare Valley/ Rybuck Shearer/ Waltzing Matilda/ Lime Juice Tub/ Botany Bay/ Moreton Bay/ Ram from Clare/ This Little Light of Mine/ Copper Kettle/ Nancy Whiskey/ Tribute to Newfoundland/ Lonesome Traveller/ Fair and Tender Lady/ All for me Grog
BALL, Mike The Rake And Rambling ManUnion14 tr 12” with Declan Affley 67/The Limerick RakeHomeless ManThe Palatine's DaughterThe Maryborough MinerInstrumental (Portlairge)Soft Deal Board (An Clar Bog Del)Rake and Rambling ManQueensland WhalersJim Jones of Botany BayThe Flighty TailorThe Antarctic Fleet Instrumental
BANDICOOTS, THESterling and Currency - Australian BalladsLibraries Board Of South Australia MX 1492lp62/South AustraliaAdieu To All Judges And JuriesVan Diemans LandMoreton BayMy Last Fairwell To StirlingTen Thousand Miles AwayBlack Velvet BandConvict MaidJim JonesBold Jack Donohoe
BANDICOOTS, THEThe Legend that is LawsonW & GlpndSince ThenSliprails and the SpurLights of Cobb and CoMiddletons RouseaboutAndy’s Gone with CattleWhen Your Pants Begin to GoThe TeamsShearersDrovers SweetheartFaces in the StreetReedy RiverFive at Ross FarmShearers Dream
BARNES, Steve and Rosalind Bridge of WingsWestern Wavecd97Woman of AfricaThis Old TreeRiver Runs DeepOver the HorizonGrey Stone WallsThe Insomnia JigHair of the DogSea SaltThe More Things ChangeOnly YesterdayPresent CompanyReason to RhymeThe Weaver and the Buffalo BoyThe Mulga Waltz
BARNES, Steve and Rosalind Patterns in the SandWestern Wavecd92Stardust and SawdustButterfly's WingBig Stripy LizardSummer RainMidlothianLongest Night of the YearChinamens' GardensSea BreezeFrightened GirlGreen Among the GoldPatterns in the SandPatterson's CurseSame Tune All Night
BARROWORN BarrowornMangowak Days/ Newmarket18 tr cd *95/08
BARTLETT, RobertThrough a Past DarklyReynardine Musiccd97Isle au HautJohn BarleycornThe White CockadeThe Emigrant's LitanyOh Dear MeThe Flash MobThe White HareThe Week Before EasterJohn BluntThe Logging Track Young BankerBroom of the Cowden Knowes
BEAVIS, JohnBird in the HandTroubador14 tr ca 83/
BEAVIS, JohnBread and WaterJB14 tr ca 90/
BEAVIS, JohnThe CauldronJB14 tr ca 85/
BEAVIS, JohnThe New RoadJB12 tr ca 87/
BELL, Peter We Only Work HereEMI Custom12” with Tink Gooding as TINK AND PETER82?/
BELLAMY, Peter The TransportsFree Reed 2 x 12”nd
BENNELONG PLAYERS, THEBarque to BeatlesDrum12”76/
BILLABONG BANDSongs Of Early VictoriaOpal 4 tr 7”60/The Kellys Byrne & Hart/ Gum Tree Canoe/ Codfish Shanty/ The Stockman’s Last Bed
BISCOE, PatsyI thought I Heard Somebody Call My NameCBS2 tr 7”65?
BISCOE, PatsyThe Voice OfCBS12 tr 12”65/I thought I Heard Somebody Call My Name, When I Grow Up, Come Back Baby, I Can’t Help But Wonder, Turn Around, Mommy What If, Turn Turn Turn, The Ogi man, It’s My Song, Alberta, It’s a Gift to be Simple, Hush Little Baby
BLACK VELVET BANDBlack Velvet BandBVB12 tr ca83?
BLACK VELVET BANDRecorded Live at HM Prison PentridgeEndeavourlpndShores of Botany Bay/ The Ups and Downs of an Old Stockman/ Hens March - Four Poster Bed/ Sandy Maranoa/ Shearers Dream/ All For Me Grog/ Man From Kiandra/ Drunken Sailor/ Arthur McBride/ Pete’s Polka/ Streets of Forbes
Barry Jigs/ Widgegowera Joe/ Black Velvet Band
BLAKE, IanSpirit of PlaceABCcd9?/
BLOODWOODA Taste of AustraliaTempocd9?
BLOODWOODMan made Music Sidetracklp81/
Bluegrass Expedition et al.Settling InKiwi fmt?nd
BOGLE, EricEric Bogle SongbookAxis/EMI?lp

BOGLE, EricGive Us a Shorter Working WeekAmbassador Records (for AMWSU)2 tr 7” flexindGive Us A Shorter Working Week/ Dan
BOGLE, EricI Wrote This Wee SongABC2 x cd93/12
BOGLE, EricIf Wishes were FishesLarrikin2 tr 7” 8If Wishes were Fishes/ He’s Nobody’s Moggie Now
BOGLE, EricIn Concert Larrikin2 x 12” with John Munro85/
BOGLE, EricIt’s Not CricketDinocd92/
BOGLE, EricLifelineLarrikin2 tr 7” *86/Lifeline/ Shelter
BOGLE, EricLive in ConcertLarrikinlp85/
BOGLE, EricLive in PersonAutogram (Germanylp77/
BOGLE, EricLive in Person Vol 2Autogram (Germanylp77/
BOGLE, EricLive in Person Vol 3Autogram (Germanylp78/
BOGLE, EricLock KeeperLarrikin2 tr 7” 8Lock Keeper/
BOGLE, EricMirrorsLarrikincd93/
BOGLE, EricNot the Worst OfLarrikincd90/
BOGLE, EricNow I’m EasyLarrikin12”80/Now I’m Easy/ Leaving Nancy
I Hate Wogs
No Man’s Land
Leaving in the Morning
Since Nancy Died
War Correspondent
Song of the Whale
Front Row Cowboy
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
BOGLE, EricPlain & SimpleGrass Roots12”81/Lady From Bendigo/ Dan/ The Aussie Bar-B-Q
Glasgow Lullaby
Belle of Braoughton
Mary and Me
No Man’s Land
Queensland Whalers
No Use For Him
Bloody Rotten Audience
Gentle Annie
BOGLE, EricScraps of paperLarrikinlp82/
BOGLE, EricSinging the Spirit HomeLarrikinlp86/
BOGLE, EricSmall MiraclesLarrikincd97/
BOGLE, EricSomething of ValueLarrikinlp88/
BOGLE, EricThe Emigrant and the ExileLarrikincd with John Munro97/
BOGLE, EricVoices in the WildernessFestivalcd90/
BOGLE, EricWhen the Wind BlowsLarrikinlp84/
BOLAN, BernardAn Eccentric CollectionLarrikin15 tr cd*98/04
BOLAN, BernardCrumpet & Grog Axis/EMIlp70/
BOLAN, BernardNot Many Fish in the Harbour TodayLarrikin2 tr 7”*81?Not Many Fish in the Harbour Today/ Basingstoke
BOLAN, BernardRose Bay FernCopperfield2 tr 7”73Rose Bay Fern/ Toorak Tram
BOLAN, BernardSend the City SunshineABC13 tr 12”83/
BOLAN, BernardThe Liveliness of the Long Playing Bernard BolanCopperfield12”74re-issued on Larrikin LRF 042 1980

Australian Square/ Uncle Fred/ Rose Bay Ferry/ Toorak Team/ Opera House/ Crumpet and Grog/ The Gnome/ The Reverend Duncan Donald
The Head
No 1 Money Fish
The NSW Folk Federation
BOLAN, BernardThe Liveliness of the Long Playing Bernard BolanLarrikin 12”80/
3rd cd96/
BOUNTYVol 1Snorkellp74/
BRENTWOODSPenny to my NameAstor2 tr 7”6?
BRENTWOODSRun Come SeeAstor2 tr 7”6?
BROCK, RobbieOn the Blooming Queensland SideLarrikin12” with Dougie Maclean87/
BROOMHALL, JohnBroken Hill MinerSandstocklp86?/
BROOMHALL, JohnFree as the BreezeTindola17 tr 12”*85/Silver City Comet/ Squeezebox, Fiddle and Bow/ Whalan of Waitin’ a While/ Any Irwin/ Birdsville Track/ Song of the Swag/ Albert Namatjira/ Free as the Breeze/ The Silverton Pub/ Roll and Sway/ Footloose and Fancy/ Wild and Free/ The Miner’s Wife/ Bush Christmas/ Mootwingee Wind/ Heritage/ As we Blow Away
BROOMHALL, JohnIn the Days when Anzacs Were Young/NewSandstocklp87/
BROPHY, Vincent Down to the Sea in ShipsRestlessfmt?nd
BROWN, DaveAll Too Much12 tr cand
BROWN DOG BUSH BANDLiveSundown lp83?/
BROWN JUG BANDMusic for Colonial DancingPumphandle12”?nd
BULLAMAKANKABest OfHughescd93/
BULLAMAKANKABullamakankaMercury12”82/Blackberry Blosson Time, Blowflies Guitars & 10 Gallon Hats, The Gamble, Home Among the Gumtrees, Housework, Indian Pacific, Orange Blossom Special, Riding High, Single Saddle, Slim Dusty, Waaratah & Wattle
BULLAMAKANKABullas LiveEMI12”85/07Chains, Dropbears, Drover’s Dream, Home Among the Gumtrees, Homeward Bound, Indian Pacific, My Country, Old Bullock Dray, Orange Blossom Special, Ridge Runner, Saturday Night, Thong Song
BULLAMAKANKAFrom the HeartTrue Blue2 tr 7”88From the Heart
BULLAMAKANKAFrom the Heart True Blue12”89/Miles from Nowhere, On the Wallaby, Nuts ‘n’ Raisins, Mulga Fever, Soldier Birds, Wild Horses, From the heart, Lady in my Mind, Girl I Met on the Train, Bullabounce, Lose a Little Bit, Ride These Roads
BULLAMAKANKAG’DayEMI2 tr 7”84G’Day/ Ridge Runner
BULLAMAKANKAGayleneRCA2 tr 7”83/Gaylene/ Dingo Hang Dog Blues
BULLAMAKANKAHeaven’s the PlaceTrue Blue2 tr 7” with Roger Corbett and Big Red:93/
BULLAMAKANKAHome Among the GumtreesMercury2 tr 7”82/Home Among the Gumtrees/ Blowflies, Guitars and Ten Gallon Hats
BULLAMAKANKAIn Search OfRCA12”83/08Bulla’s in Bilambil, Cobaki Creek, Dingo Hang Dog Blues, Dr Who, R.B.T., Election Day, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Gaylene, Harlequin, Sunny Days
BULLAMAKANKALose a Little Bit True Blue2 tr 7”89Lose a Little Bit
BULLAMAKANKAWaratah and WattleMercury2 tr 7”82?/Waratah and Wattle/ Housework
BUNGURRABungurraHomegrown 14 tr 12”80/
BURKE, KateThe Bee-Loud Glade
cd with Ruth Hazleton99/05Wee Weaver/ The Cruel Mother/ Three Dunken Maidens/ Cam Ye O’er Frae France/ Old Coal Miner/ The Crow on the Cradle/ Tantz Tantz Yidelekh/
Burl IvesAustralian Folk SongsSummitlp1960sThe Wild Colonial Boy
Across the Western Plains I must Wander
Waltzing Matilda
Wild Rover No More
The Station Cook
The Springtime it Brings on the Shearing
Botany Bay
The Stockman's Last Bed
The Dying Stockman
The Old Bullock Dray
A Nautical Yarn
Click Go The Shears
Burl IvesNine Australian FolksongsColumbialp 10"1950sWild Rover No More
The Station Cook
The Springtime it Brings on the Shearing
Botany Bay
The Stockman's Last Bed
The Dying Stockman
The Old Bullock Dray
A Nautical Yarn
Click Go The Shears
BUSH MUSIC CLUB16,000 Miles From Home Festival 7”6?/16,000 Miles From Home,
BUSH MUSIC CLUB20 Golden GreatsHarlequin / Festival 20 tr 12”, cd80Re-mastering of twenty tracks from the earlier BMC LPs
re-issued on cd Festival D 25365 1989

The Roaring Days, Eureka, Shearer’s Dream, Charlie Mopps, To the Shores of Botany Bay, The Drover’s Dream, Jog Along Till Shearing, Wallaby Liz, Jacky Jacky, The Whip and the Spur, The Stringybark Tree, The Men who made Australia, Ballad of th
BUSH MUSIC CLUBBush Ballads (Songs of the Swaggies)Festival 12" lp64?Charlie Mopps/ The Ballad of Catalpa/ To the Shores of Botany Bay / Dennis O'Reilly/ Paddy Fagin 16,000 Miles from Home Nine Miles from Gundagai The Ryebuck Shearer The Drover's Dream Ram of Dalby The Flash Stockman Jog Along Till Shearing
BUSH MUSIC CLUBBush Music ClubFestival 4 tr 7”60?
BUSH MUSIC CLUBBush Music ClubFestival7" 33rpm61/Goondwindi Song, Old Bark Hut, Wild Rover, Wild Colonial Boy.
BUSH MUSIC CLUBDinki Di! We (Do) Love Singing Fair Dinkum Aussie Songs (The Best)Festival 12”64re-issued on Calendar R66-196

Dinkey Di Flash Jack from Gundagai Moreton's Bay Wallaby Liz instrumental set): (a) Haymaker's Jig (b) Little Fish (c) Australian Jim (d) Navvy on the Line (e) Herb’s Jig The Peach Picker’s Song Jacky Jacky Frank Gardiner The Great North
BUSH MUSIC CLUBNine Miles From Gundagai Festival7”60?Nine Miles From Gundagai,
BUSH MUSIC CLUBPoems In Music: Henry Lawson Poems Set To MusicFestival12”66/re-issued on FL32-282
Calendar R66-9,587 : Mono; R66-587

Waratah and Wattle,The Roaring Days,The Stringybark Tree,The Men Who made Australia,Eureka, Cobb & Co.,Ballad of the Drover,A Word to Texas Jack, Shearer’s Dream,Freedom on the Wallaby,Andy's Gone with Cattle,Andy’s Return,Ballad of the Rousea
BUSH MUSIC CLUBSongs From The Shearing ShedsFestival 12”59/re-issued on Calendar R66-433

Charlie Mopps The Ballad of Catalpa To the Shores of Botany BayDennis O'Reilly Paddy Fagin 16,000 Miles from Home Nine Miles from Gundagai The Ryebuck Shearer The Drover's Dream Ram of Dalby The Flash Stockman Jog Along Till Shearing
BUSH MUSIC CLUB Songs & Poems Of Australia
12" lp6?/ (This may possibly have been a CALENDAR Sampler record)
BUSH MUSIC CLUBTrue Blue Songs Of The OutbackFestival 2 x 12”74Repackaging of Songs From the Shearing Shed & Dinky Di as double LP.

Charlie Mopps,The Ballad of Catalpa,To the Shores of Botany Bay,Dennis O’Reilly,Paddy Fagin,16,000 Miles from Home,Nine Miles from Gundagai,The Ryebuck Shearer,The Drover’s Dream,Ram of Dalby,The Flash Stockman,Jog Along Till Shearing,Dinkey D


7” epnd
BUSHWACKERS, THE1234Avenue2 tr 7”82/
BUSHWACKERS, THEand the band played Waltzing Matilda Image12”76/The Shores of Botany Bay/ The Woolloomooloo Lair/ Clancy of the Overflow/ The Overlanders
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Waltzing Matilda
Theme from “Ben Hall”
One of the Has-Beens
Jog Along Till Shearing
The New Broom

BUSHWACKERS, THEBeneath the Southern CrossTelmarklp81/
BUSHWACKERS, THEBushfireImagelp79/Stringybark Creek/ Annie/ Van Diemans Land
Lime Juice Tub
The Flying Pieman
Past Carin’
Hard Luck Stories
Wild Horses
Fannie Bay
BUSHWACKERS, THEBushwackedABC5 tr cd96/Henry’s Men/ Waltzing Matilda/ Shelter/
BUSHWACKERS, THEDance lpImagelp80/07
BUSHWACKERS, THEDown there for DancingCBS lp82/
BUSHWACKERS, THEFaces in the StreetAvenue lp81/06
BUSHWACKERS, THEFlash Jack From GundagaiAvenue/ EMIcd96/re-issue of ‘70s albums Bushfire and Murrumbidgee
BUSHWACKERS, THEFlying PiemanAvenue2 tr 7”80/06
BUSHWACKERS, THEJubileeABC16 tr cd*96/06
BUSHWACKERS, THELes DarcyAvenue2 tr 7”81/03
BUSHWACKERS, THELime Juice TubAvenue2 tr 7”84/05
BUSHWACKERS, THEMarijuana AustralianaAvenue2 tr 7”81/09
BUSHWACKERS, THEMurrumbidgeeImagelp77/11
BUSHWACKERS, THEOz Rock SaluteABC17 tr cd*97/09Eagle Rock/ It’s a Long Way to the Top/ Solid Rock/ I’ll be Gone/ New Broom/ Pure Massacre/ Choir Girl/ To Her Door/ What About Me/ One Perfect Day/ Bad Boy for Love/ I Hope I Never/ I Am Woman/ She’s my Baby/ Boys Light Up/ TNT/ Lachlan Tigers
BUSHWACKERS, THEShearers DreamLarrikinlp77/South Australia/ Red Hot Woodstove/ Maranoa Drovers/ Ned Kelly/ Swagless Swaggie/ Drops of Brandy/ Ryebuck Shearer/ Woolloomooloo Lair
Holy Dan
Jim Jones
Bush Girl
Denis O’Rielly
Shearer’s Dream
BUSHWACKERS, THEStagestruckSoverign Hill2 tr 7” flexi7?Came with booklet and poster in Sovereign Hill Series No. 1: Victoria Theatre packet.

Stagestruck/ Shores of Botany Bay
BUSHWACKERS, THEThe Bushwackers CollectionEMI/ Avenue12”82/
BUSHWACKERS, THEThe Bushwackers So Far 1974—94ABC2 x cd94/
BUSHWACKERS, THEWaltzing MatildaCBS2 tr 7”82/05Waltzing Matilda/ Beneath the Southern Cross
BUSHWACKERS, THEWarrigul MorningCBS lp83/
BUSHWACKERS, THEWarrigul MorningAvenue2 tr 7”83/12
BUSHWACKERS, THEWhen Britiannia Ruled the WavesAvenue2 tr 7”83/03
BUSHWAHZEEWe’ve Been There Before10 tr cand
BushwhackersDrover's DreamWattle781957Drover's Dream
BUSHWHACKERS, THEAustralian Bush Songs Wattle 7 tr 7”57The Hut That’s Upside Down, Australia’s on the Wallaby, Click go the Shears, Black Velvet Band, Drover’s Dream
BUSHWHACKERS, THEBlack Velvet BandWattle 7856Black Velvet Band, The Hut That’s Upside Down
BUSHWHACKERS, THEBotany BayWattle 7856Botany Bay, Click go the Shears
BUSHWHACKERS, THEDrover’s DreamWattle2 tr 7”57/Drover’s Dream/ Bullockies Ball
BUSHWHACKERS, THENine Miles from GundagaiWattle7” ep57/
BUSHWHACKERS, THEThe Bullockies’ BallWattle 7856The Bullockies’ Ball, The Drover’s Dream
BUSHWHACKERS, THEThe Old Bullock DrayWattle 7856The Old Bullock Dray, Nine Miles From Gundagai
BUSHWHACKERS, THETravelling Down The CastlereaghWattle7856Travelling Down The Castlereagh, Australia’s on the Wallaby
CAMPBELL, PeterOf Time and its DistanceTrinity12 tr 12”75/Let me Ride/ The Light Stays On/ Sweet Rock ‘n’ Roll/ Bowdio/ Only the Traces/ Sweden/ Love Comes Through/ still the Same/ Song for Leigh/ On the Run/ Calm/ Look Around/
CANTURBURY BUSH ORCHESTRASwags to RichesKiwi/Pacific Records SLC 158lp79Colonial Barn DanceShe’ll Be RightCountry PubSusie’s DelightSpringtime it Brings on the ShearingThe White CockadeCharlie MoppsDon’t Blame the Wealthy SquatterAll for me GrogWelcome to ErinThe OverlanderBrown and Empty Bottle-O/ Sandy Grant/Angus
CANTURBURY FAIRCanturbury FairAnthologylp78/

CAPTAIN MOONLIGHTCaptain MoonlightRavenlp83/
CARDIER, Glenn An Everyday ManicFestivallp, cd91/05Anniversary, Butterfly Net, Cars, Christopher Columbus, Dance Numbers, The Darlings of Market Street, Every Wounded Bird, I am the Day, I Saved Annette From Drowning, I See a Cowboy, Iridescent Pink Blue Socks, Love at First Sight, Lovers Alias Fools, New Born Babe, Oh Dear Saint Peter, Please Don’t Eat the Flowers Dear, The Same Old Story, Spaghetti Western (Live), Tin Minstrel, Ulysses
CARDIER, Glenn Days of Wilderness Infinity12”72/08re-issue on Infinity: L 36822

Days of Wilderness, Every Wounded Bird, Goodbye Mickey Mouse, The Heat, I am the Day, The Juggler, Mother The Goose Song, One More Word, Papersong, Rolling the Ocean, The Whales, Willow Tree
CARDIER, Glenn Establishment BluesWEA2 tr 7” As Sydney Hill shared with The Mojo Singers:78/09Establishment Blues/ C’Mon Aussie C’Mon
CARDIER, Glenn Every Wounded BirdInfinity2 tr 7”72/07Every Wounded Bird/ The Juggler
CARDIER, GlennExpectationsInfinity2 tr 7”80/02Expectations/ I Saved Annette From Drowning
CARDIER, Glenn Glenn Cardier Interfusion12”76After Luna Park, Cars, Claudius Come Home, Goodtime Days, It’s a Small World (or so They Say), Love at First Sight, Man on the Roof, New-Born Babe, Orchestra Story, The Party, Pigeons, Somebody Under my Bed, Till the Fire Dies, Ulysses
CARDIER, Glenn I See a CowboyInfinity2 tr 7”74/06I See a Cowboy/ Lovers Alias Fools
CARDIER, Glenn Oh Dear St PeterInfinity2 tr 7”73Oh Dear St Peter/ I Am The Day
CARDIER, Glenn Only When I laughFestival12”73Anniversary, Butterfly Net, Calender, The Darlings of Market Street, I See a Comedy, The Iridescent Pink Sock Blues, Journey, Journey’s End, Leaves in the Street, Lovers Alias Fools, Oh Dear Saint Peter, Please Don’t Eat the Flowers Dear, Solo
CARDIER, GlennSockaFestival2 tr 7” *81/11Socka/ Kickin' Off
CARDIER, Glenn Till The Fire DiesInterfusion2 tr 7”76/06Till The Fire Dies/ Christopher Columbus
CARDIER, Glenn UlyssesInfinity2 tr 7”73/02Ulysses/ Tin Minstrel
CARMODY, KevBlood Red RoseFestival2 tr 7”92/04Blood Red Rose, Elly
CARMODY, KevBloodlinesFestival13 tr cd93/07
CARMODY, KevCannot buy my SoulFestival7"91/12
CARMODY, KevEulogy Festival2 tr 7”90/11Eulogy (for a Black Person)/ Cannot Buy My Soul
CARMODY, KevEulogyFestival9 tr cd*90/11Elly/ I’ve been Moved/ Eulogy (For a Black Person)/ Cannot buy my Soul/ Sexual Teaser/ Tom Shane/ Blood Red Rose/ River of Tears/ Droving Woman
CARMODY, KevFreedomFestival3 tr cd93/07Freedom x2/ Thou Shalt Not Steal
CARMODY, KevImages and IllusionsFestival15 tr cd*95/09The Anti-Christ/ Blue You/ Eulogy/ Fire & Wind/ Images of London/ Jessica/ Needles in the Nursery/ River Road/ Shades of Violet/ Sistem an' You/ Solar Wind/ Some Strange Strange People/ Travellin' North/ The Young Dancer is Dead
CARMODY, KevJack DeelinLarrikin2 tr 7”88/
CARMODY, KevLiving South of the FreewayFestivalcds92/10
CARMODY, KevOn the WireFestival3 tr cd*94/05On the Wire/The Messenger/ Sorry Business
CARMODY, Kev Pillars of SocietyRutabagas12”89/02Attack Attack, Black Bess, Black Deaths in Custody, Comrade Jesus Christ, Flagstone Creek, Jack deelin, Pillars of Society, Thou Shalt Not steal, Twisted Rail, White Bourgeois Woman
CARMODY, KevStreet beatFestival4 tr cd92/12Living South of the Freeway, Darkside, Street beat, Rider in the Rain
CARMODY, KevThe Young Dancer is DeadFestival3 tr cd95/09The Young Dancer is Dead, Euology, On the Wire
CARMODY, KevThou Shalt Not StealLarrikin2 tr 7"90/02Thou Shalt Not Steal/Pillas of Society
CARNEY, BernardCarney BernaiseTempolp83/
CARNEY, BernardCarney Bernaise
12”92/Cold Front/ Mr Hot Weather/ In the Club/ Finger Pickin’ Good/ Blackwood/ Sister Kate/ Sweet Mystery/ Mississippi River Blues/ Oldest Swinger in Town/ Tune in a Bottle/ Two Sleepy People
CARNEY, BernardHot Air
CARNEY, BernardThe Rotnest Songs
CARPENTER, KatrinaKatrina CarpenterHard Yacka11 tr ca90/03
CARPENTER, KatrinaUnbroken CirclesHard Yacka11 tr cd92/
CARPENTER, KatrinaWhere Legends are RememberedHard Yacka12 tr ca with Dave Greenslade#88/11
CARTER, SydneyThe Present TenseMove15 tr 12” *ndThe Present Tense/ Standing in the Rain/ George Fox/ When they Shouted Hosanna/ Lord of the Dance/ The Crow on the Cradle/ Every Star Shall Sing a Carol/ I Want to have a Little Bomb Like you/ Bird of Heaven/ travel On/ Judas and Mary/ Friday Morning/ Bitter Was the Night/ The Vicar is a Beatnik/ The Mask I Wore

CASWELL, AllanHandwrittenEMI lp88/
CATALPA SINGERS, THEAustralian Colonial BalladsCrest CR7-12-LP-012lp66/Click Go The ShearsThe Balck Velvet BandThe Old Bark HutBold Jack DonohueThe Eumarella ShoreBound For South AustraliaThe Wild Colonial BoyThe OverlanderLook Out BelowThe Death of Ben HallWith a Swag All On My ShoulderBotany Bay
6 tr ca91?Leader of the Band/ I Need You to Turn To/ Rainy Day People/ Diamonds and Rust/ The Boxer/ Last Thing on my Mind
CHARLTON, CarmelSongs of the WestKitchen14 tr cand
CHARTER, Johnny GROUPWhat Next EPHMV9 tr 7" *59?Waltzing Matilda/ Click Go the Shears/ Botany Bay/ Road to Gundagai/ Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport/ Big Black Hat/ Six White Boomers/ Sun Arise/ Sydney Town
CHRISTOPHER, VicDevil May CareM7lp7?/
CHUBBSStreet LevelEMI Custom12”84/
CITY SLICKERS, THEThe Best of the City SlickersW&G27 tr 12” *71/Gundagai/ Carolina in the Morning/ Beautiful Brown Eyes/ Click go the Shears/ Bye Bye Blackbird/ Repasz Band/If You Knew Suzie/ Irish eyes are Smiling/ For Ever & Ever/ Hawaiian Wedding Song/ Oh Lonesome Me/ Painted Tainted Rose/ Where the Dog Sits on the Tuckerbox/ Little Brown Gal/ Second Hand Rose/ Have You Ever Been Lonely/ Mexican Hat Dance/ Deep in the Heart of Texas/ Marie Elena/ Botany Bay/ Everybody Loves Somebody/ Danube Waves/ I Want to Hold Your Hand/ The Stein Song
CLARK, DaveRoll on Wild RiversHome Brewlp83/
CLAUSON, William Australian Folk SongsMonitorlpndAll Among The Wool BoysThe Old Keg of RumThe Tale of Bluey BrinkThe Ballad of John DoolanJog Along Till ShearingThey’ve All Got a Mate, But MeDennis O’ReillyEarly in the MorningThe Devil’s MatchThe Bullocky SongThe Old Bullock DrayEuabalong Bal
CLAUSON, William Click Go The ShearsEMI lpndClick Go The ShearsWaltzing MatildaOverlanderOn the Banks of the CondamineOld Bark HutBold Jack DonohueBotany BayLime Juice TubMoreton BayWild Colonial BoyMy Old Black BillyBold Tommy PyneWild Rover No MoreDying Stockman
COBBERSAll for me GrogElectra13 tr 12”*75/also issued on Bushland BL 282 nd

Another Fall of Rain/ Widgegoera Joe/ Paddy on the Railway/ Penny Whistle Jig/ Travelling Down the Castlereagh/ The Black Velvet Band/ The Ryebuck Shearer/ Sparrow’s Hornpipe and Four Poster Bed/ Dennis O’reilly/ All for me Grog/ You’re Gonna Miss me When I’m Gone/ Soldiers Joy/ The Shamrock Shore
COBBERSAustralia from Celts to CobbersElectriclpndAustralia from Celts to Cobbers/ Moreton Bay/ South Australia/ The Catalpa/ O’Carolan’s Cincerto/ The Ballad of Ben Hall/ Cross of the South/ Waltzing Matilda
The Ballad of the Kelly Gang
Scots of the Riverina
Dennis Murphys and the 42 Pound Cheese
Stalky’s Song
COBBERSBush Dancing Made Easy
COBBERSBushdance PartyDino16 tr 12”88?The Lachlan Tigers/ Travelling Down the Castlereagh/ Lazy Harry’s/ 10,000 Miles Away/ The Old Bullock Dray/ Springtime Brings on the Shearing/ Stringybark and Greenhide/ Click go the Shears/ The Ryebuck Shearer/ The Drover’s Dream/ Maggie May/ Sandy Maranoa/ Limejuice Tub/ The Troika/ The Reedy Lagoon/ The Manchester Gallop
COBBERSBushland DreamingElektra2 tr 7”79Bushland Dreaming/ Black Velvet Band
COBBERSBushland DreamingFestival12”79The Wind That Shakes the Barley/ The Lark in the Morning/ The Merry Blacksmith/ The Maryborough Miner/ The Lachlan Tigers/ It’s On/ 10,000 Miles Away/ No Man’s Land/ The Albany Emigrant/ How McDougal Topped the Score/ Westgate/ Flash Jack from Gundagai/ The Sydney Flash/ The Streets of Forbes/ Maggie May/ The Fergy Tractor/ The Cross of the South/ The Brisbane Ladies/ The Ship Repairing Men/ Waltzing Matilda/ The Puffing Billy/ Going Home/ South Australia/ Bushland Dreaming/ The Soldier’s Joy/ The Mason’ Apron
COBBERSBushland DreamingFestival2 tr 7”80/05Bushland Dreaming/ Lachlan Tigers
COBBERSBushland Dreaming — Live in ConcertWEA2 x lpnd
COBBERSBy RequestBushland12 tr 12”*82The Black Velvet Band/ Put a Light in Every Country Window/ Now I’m Easy/ Poor Ned/ Shores of Australia/ Sandy Hollow Line/ Brown Jug Polka/ Factory Lad/ Barbeque Song/ Coleraine/ Leave Her Johnny/ Cobbers Ceilidh
COBBERSClairFestival2 tr 7”81/07Clair/ Legend of Eliza Emily Donnthorne
COBBERSCobbers 1Festival12”nd
COBBERSFrom Celts to Cobbers Electra12”nd
COBBERSGoing HomeElektra2 tr 7”78/Going Home/ Moreton Bay
COBBERSLeaving SongFestival2 tr 7” *84/10Leaving Song/ Endangered Species
COBBERSListen To The BandJBP12”ndBotany Bay/ Do You Know What We Play/ Bullocky-O/ The Springtime it Brings on the Shearing/ Kookaburra/ Wild Colonial Boy/ The Old Bark Hut/ One of the Hasbeens/ Kookaburra Laughed/ Little Fish/ Click go the Shears/ The Gallopede
COBBERSPoor NedFestival2 tr 7”80/11Poor Ned/ Puffing Billy Jig
COBBERSPortraits of Australian WomenBushland10 tr 12”*81/08Bonnie Jess/ Girls in Our Town/ Bush Girl/ Daisy Bates/ Leaving Nancy/ Eliza/ Clair/ Mary Called him Mister/ Farewell to Greta/ Reedy River
COBBERSRolling Home Bushland12”86
COBBERSThe Ballad of Ben HallBushland2 tr 7”ndThe Ballad of Ben Hall/ The Streets of Forbes
COBBERSThe Barbeque SongFestival2 tr 7”81/12The Barbeque Song/ Brown Jug Polka
COBBERSThe CobbersElectra12”77The Limejuice Tub/ Lachlan Tigers/ Bushman’s Fancy/ Lazy Harry’s/ The Ballad of Jack Lefroy/ The Cockies of Bungaree/ Stir the Wallaby Stew/ Flash Jack from Gundagai/ The Dog’s Meeting/ The Overlander/ Euabalong Ball/ The Reedy Lagoon/ The March of the Fairy Penguins/ The Drover’s Dream
COCKRAM, GeorgeBetter Late Than NeverHard Yacka12 tr ca96/12
COLCANNONOmit the Turnips
COLD TURKEYGhostownTrak4 tr 7”86/07Ghostown, Scam, Tomorrow, Wed the dead
COLES, SusieOnce Again with YouBEA12 tr 12”*ndThe Circle Game/ I Wish You Could be Here/ Single Girl/ Well Well Well/ Song for the Asking/ Three Ravens/ Jet Plane/ Song for a Winter’s Night/ There is a Ship/ Proud Mary/ 500 Miles/ If You Were a Carpenter
COLONIAL BOYS, THEBicentennial Song CollectionPossumfmt?nd
COLONIALS, THENumber OneFable lp71Put A Light In Every Country Window/ Widgegoweera Joe/ Queensland Whalers/ Battle of the Somme/ The Maranoa Drovers/ The Fairmay Lasses/ The Reconciliation/ Waltzing Matilda/ The Duke of Athols / Hot Punch/ The Overlanders/ Reedy River/ Fourposter Bed/ +
COLONIALS, THEPut A Light In Every Country WindowFable 2 tr 7”71/04Put A Light In Every Country Window/ Lazy Harry’s
COLONIALS, THEWaltzing MatildaHarbourca?nd
COMBE, PeterVagabondEMI Custom12 tr 12”*82/Vagabond/ Oh Miss Melanie/ Adelaide Blues/ Sad Old City/ You Baby on my Mind/ Music of the Day/ This Song’s for You/ The Way That I Do/ Ladies Day at Royal Randwick/ When the Sun Shines Down on England/ Mr Wonderful’s Toupees/ Australia (I’m Coming Home)
CONNERS, Graemeand When Morning Comes Festivallp76/
CONNERS, GraemeNorthABClp88/
CONNERS, GraemeSouth of these DaysABClp89/
CONNOR, Tim Long Distance RunnerPowderworks2 tr 7”83Long Distance Runner/ Look Inside
CONNOR, Tim One More RoadRCAlpnd
CONNOR, Tim Rising When You FallPowderworks2 tr 7”83Rising When You Fall/ Just as Much as You
CONNOR, Tim Tim ConnorFestivallp72/
COOK, PatriciaDid You Know Them?Paul Hamlyn MFP-A 8040lp72/Van Dieman’s LandJim JonesAll Around Me ‘atThe Donohoe SongDan MorganLullabyCross of the SouthEureka LamentThe RingerDid You Know Them?The BullockyJohnny Come HomeThe Dole SongIf I Had MoneyDanny Jones
COOKING FOR BRIDESCooking for Brides
COOLANGUBRAStorm ComingBush Peoplecd?91/02
COONEY, ChristyChristie’s BrewLarrikinlp83/
COONEY, JohnThe CatcherBig Cheese Productions13 tr ca94/
COTTER, HarryHarry Cotter Of Binalong NSWKlarion Enterprises 12”?nd
COWLING, DonPlaying the StreetDNC12”90/
CROWLE, JohnHighway ’81Whistling Rufus 11 tr 12”81/
CUNNEEN, PhilJohn Wesley HardingSweet Peach2 tr 7” *71/John Wesley Harding/ Mr Bojangles
CURRENCYFirst ExchangeLarrikin12”82/
CURRENCYSnowy River MenCustomlp82
CURRIE, JohnJohn CurrieM711 tr 12”74/
CURTIS, MartinThe Daisy PatchKiwifmt?nd
DALRIADAA Night on Earth Dalriada
DANKS, Penny several cassettesRestlessca with Roger Illolt
DARE, GregGreg DareZot4 tr 7”78/08Uranium/ The Upstart Jackaroo/ The Dole Bludgers Blues/ The Ballad of Jonah Bum
DARE, GregGreg Dare’s Second EPZot 4 tr 7”78/12The Pickers lament/ Billy Brown/ Get Down Funky Disco Bump/ Come With Us
DAROESMAN, PeggyHome is the River
DATE, TinaA Single GirlRCA2 tr 7”65/12The Spinning Wheel/ A Single Girl
DATE, TinaA Single GirlRCA11 tr 12”65/12L’Ariette/ The Butcher Boy/ The First Time Ever/ The Spinning Wheel/ The Old Maid’s Song/ Polly Garter’s Song/ It Fell on a Summer’s Day/ Tomorrow is a Long Time/ The Wraggle-Taggle Gypsies/ Tomorrow is St Valentine’s Day/ It’s Hard on a Lass to be Lonely/ How Should Your True Love Know
DAVIDIAN, PeterIn a Fragrent Garden
DAVIES, PennyRestlessRestless12 tr 12” with Roger Ilot83/
DAVIES, PennyThe Proud & Careless NotesRestless12 tr 12” with Roger Ilot84/
DAW, Hood Tom Morey Campaign SongsALP 5 tr 7”62/The DLP Lament/ Hooker Rex/ The Ballad of Tom Morey/ Quick Go the Shares/ Talking Bligh Blues
DE HUGARD, DaveFreedom On the WallabyMFP/Larrikin 12 tr 12”83Kitty’s Jig/ Travelling Down the Castlereagh/ Cockie’s of Bungaree/ Four Little Johnny Cakes/ Across the Western Plains/ Billy of Tea/ Starry Night for a Ramble/ Mudgee watlz/ Springtime it Brings on the Shearing/ The Little Fish/ Another Fall of Rain/ The Tent Poles are Rotten/ The Murray River Gallop/ Soldier’s Joy Dance Medley
DE HUGARD, DaveThe Magpie in the WattleLarrikin12”85/
DEEGAN, DickyThe Pipe on the HobDex15 tr ca91Farewell to Ireland/ Sliab GealgCua na Feile/ The Wandering Minstrel/ The Dublin Reel/ The Wind that Shakes the Barley/ The Angry Piper/ Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part/ Father Jack Walsh/ South West End/ Kildare Hornppipe/ Pretty Little Caravans/ Moll Roe/ Corny is Coming/ Jenny’s Wedding/ The Bunyip/ Maids of Mont Cisco/ Johnny Cope/ The Coolin/ The Frieze Breeches/ Ellen Vallen/ O’Rahilly’s Grave
DELANEY, Kate BlackwatersideLarrikinlp with Gordon McINTYRE81/
DELANEY, KateCaledonian DreamingSandstockcd with Gordon MacINTYRE 94/
DELANEY, Kate Pleasures to FindBlackwater10 tr 12” with Gordon McINTYRE86/04


DODSWORTH, Graham In Good King Arthur’s DayNewmarket14 tr cd*94
DODSWORTH, GrahamSummer MadnessSidetracklp81/
DOLCE, JoeChristmas in AustraliaHammardlp81/
DOLCE, JoePizza Pizza Fablemlp84/
DOLCE, JoeShaddup Your FaceFull Moonlp81/
DOMINOES, THEJohn HenryW&G2 tr 7”61/10John Henry (He’s Got a Mighty Tone)/ Two Brothers
DRUMMOND, Pat Age of RageTrue Blue2 tr 7”88Age of Rage/
DRUMMOND, Pat Age of Rage - Live at the Rest HotelTrue Blue10 tr 12”*88The Opening Song/ Who Owns the Ball/ The Battler/ Northwood Hill/ Maree Maree/ Hector the Rat/ Noni/ Desperation in the Promised Land/ The Rest is History
DRUMMOND, PatChippendale SongShoestring2 tr 7”81Chippendale Song/ Lucky Country
DRUMMOND, PatEnd of the LineTrue Blue2 tr 7” *90/02End of the Line/ The Kelly Option
DRUMMOND, PatFlicker of an EyeTrue Blue2 tr 7”90Flicker of an Eye/ Shoalhaven Man
DRUMMOND, PatLaughter Like a ShieldLarrikin14 tr cd*94/05The Ballad of Geordie Johnson/ Working for the RTA/ The Cotton & The Rose/ Jeffrey/ Laughter Like a Shield/ Black and Tan/ Somewhere in the Car/ If a Man is a Man/ Harkan’s Taxi/ The Old Time Country Show/ Grandma’s Eyes/ The Blessing (Jenny’s Eyes)/ To Ride the Wind/ The Struggle
DRUMMOND, Pat Of Wheels and FireLarrikincd96/10
DRUMMOND, Pat Pat DrummondShoestring12”80
DRUMMOND, Pat Skool DazeShoestring7 tr 12”85/Paddy Get Up/ Who Owns the Ball/ School Bullies/ Link/ Hector the Rat/ Spare the Rod/ Lovin’ After School/ H.S.C. Song
DRUMMOND, PatTales from the Local RagTrue Blue12 tr cd*90/09The Local Rag/ Flicker of an Eye/ Living in the Territory/ Walkabout Jack/ Molly & Me/ The Battler/ End of the Line/ Murder on the Ridge/ Alfred Bremer’s Organ/ Margaret & Joe/ The Sao Song/ The Shoalhaven Man
DRUMMOND, Pat The Kelly OptionTrue Blue2 tr 7”89The Kelly Option/ End of the Line
DRUMMOND, PatThe Sao SongTrue Blue2 tr 7”91?The Sao Song/ The Local Rag
DRUMMOND, Pat What You See is What you GetShoestring7 tr 12”80/12Glen’s Song/ Police Brutality Black & Blues/ Singles Bar/ Another Weekend/ Ballad of Macka McCoy/ 23/ When the Music Plays
DUFFY, Chris1st lp
DUFFY, ChrisAmbidextrousLarrikinlp85/
DUFFY, ChrisBullants in Bushland Larrikin lp with John Kane83/
DUFFY, Chris Down YonderLarrikinlp with Dave BROMBERG80/
DUFFY, ChrisKeep on Pickin’Larrikinlp79/
DUFFY, ChrisSelf PortraitLarrikinlp78/
DUFFY’S CIRCUSFinnessy’s CartCM recordslpnd
DUGGAN, Peter It was somewhere in September
ca with Jack Kevans97Sweeney There's a Bunk in the HumpyThe Ghost at the Second BridgeKnocking AroundThe Old Jimmy WoodserThe Good Old ConcertinaThe Striny-Bark TreeCallaghan's HotelThe Shearer's DreamSaint PeterThe Southerly BusterAs Good As NewThe Me
DULLAGHAN, BrianAll of MeCustomlp84/
DUTTON, GarthGarth DuttonMoralanalp76/
DUTTON, GarthSea & HighwayMoralanalp81/
DUTTON, Geoff Black and Blue Dutton2 tr 7”91Black and Blue / On this Thin Line
DUTTON, Geoff Close to the GrainAim11 tr 12”* shared with Tony GEGLINSKI86/I Can’t Live a Lie/ Here Not There/ Daisy/ One thing for Sure/ Final Journey/ Such a Friend/ Winter/ Country Star Bound/ Your Love Tonight/ Quiet Man/ Close to the Grain
DUTTON, Geoff Down AgainGAD 2 tr 7”nd(Don’t Let Me) Down Again/ No Alibis
DUTTON, Geoff No AlibisGAD 2 tr 7”89/No Alibis, Negated Plans, Final Blow, Over the Moon, Don’t Let Me Down Again, Jackaroo, Black and Blue, Ovenproof, For You to Be, On this Thin Line
DUTTON, Geoff Over the MoonGAD 2 tr 7”ndOver the Moon/ Jackaroo
EATHER, RodBack to EarthLarrikinlp81/
EATON, PhilBotany BayDelta4 tr 7”ndBotany Bay/ + 3
EATON, PhilLittle Bitty TearCalypso/ Delta4 tr 7”ndLittle Bitty Tear/ + 3
EDAINDistant Shore
EGAN, TedBeyond the Black StumpRCA lp76/
EGAN, TedFaces of Australia Vol 1: The Overlanders EMI13 tr 12”*83re-issued on cd 1989

Further Out/ King Paraway/ Andy’s Gone with Cattle/ A Drover’s Life/ The Drover’s Boy/ Captain Starlight/ Matt Savage, the Boss Driver/ Droving to Hengland/ The Goanna Drover/ Ben Hartigan/ Cattle Going In/ Johnny Stewart Drover/ The Overlanders
EGAN, TedFaces of Australia Vol 2: The ShearersEgan/EMI Aust. 12”, cd83?/re-issue on cd 1989
EGAN, TedFaces of Australia Vol 3: The AnzacsEgan/EMI Aust. 12”, cd83?/re-issued on cd 1989
EGAN, TedFaces of Australia Vol 4: The AboriginalsEgan/EMI Aust. 12”, cd83?/re-issued on cd 1989
EGAN, TedOnce a Jolly SwagmanRCA lp74
EGAN, TedOutback AustraliaRCA lp75/
EGAN, TedT. Egan presents The ConvictsEMI13 tr cd89/
EGAN, TedThe Bangtail MusterRCA12 tr 12”*73/The Bangtail Muster/ The Parragundy Stiffener/ The Billabong Song/ Leave Your Cheque Book at Home/ Pearling Lugger Songs/ The Drinkers of the Territory/ She’s on Again In Darwin/ Willie the Whingeing Pom/ Gurindji Blues/ Rider in the Mirage/ Aboriginal Songs/ Characters of the Outback
EGAN, TedThe Bush RacesRCA Victorlp76/
EGAN, TedUrapunga FrogRCA12”78/
ELLIS, Ron and HazelA Night Out With Ron & HazelMidland20 tr 12” *7?Singing the Blues/ Oh Lonesome Me/ Louisianna Saturday Night/ He’ll have to Go/ You are my Sunshine/ My Old Kentucky Home/ Red River Valley/ Down by the Riverside/ Lucille/ Put another Log on the Fire/ Never Ending Song of Love/ Peggy Sue/ Jamaica Farewell/ All I Have to Do is Dream/ Hello Mary Lou/ It Doesn’t Matter anymore/ Save the Last Dance for Me/ Click go the Shears/ Flash Jack Gundagai/ Ryebuck Shearer/ One Day at a Time/ Bye Bye Baby Goodbye/ Finale
ELLIS, Ron and HazelDays of used to BeMidland11 tr 12” *7?The Springtime Brings on the Shearing/ With my Swag on my Shoulder/ The Drover’s Dream/ Black Velvet Band/ Stir the Wallaby Stew/ Old Lantern Waltz/ The Band Played Waltzing Matilda/ The Old Bullock Dray/ Wild Rover No More/ Little Kangaroo/ Old Time Music
ENVIRONMENT 80Advance Australia FairRCA2 tr 7” *72/Advance Australia Fair/ Reconciliation
ERIKSON, KarlFeatherHMV2 tr 7”72/01Feather/ Song of Questionable Value
ERIKSON, KarlNot Enough of God to Go AroundHMV2 tr 7” *72/Not Enough Of God To Go Around/ Friday
ERKIKSON, KarlKarl Erikson IEMI10 tr 12”7?/Kersbrook Cottage/ Feather/ West Coast/ Song of Questionable Value/ Ride Home Across the Mountain/ Cathedral/ European Lady/ Life Song/ Trilogy/ Journey Men of the Sea
EUREKARites of Man13 tr ca89/
Ewan MacColl & A.L.LloydConvicts and Currency LadsWattleep1958?Black Velvet Band
Euabalong Ball
Lime Juice Tub
Van Dieman's Land
Jim Jones at Botany Bay
EWBANK, JohnThe Sonnet of Our DiscontentLarrikin2 tr 7”81/12The Sonnet of Our Discontent/ Apres La Revolution
EYE OF NINE, THEThe Eye of Nine
EYNON, HowardSo What If I'm Standing in Apricot JamBasket12 tr 12”*75Wicked Wetdrop, Quonge & Me/ Hot B. J./ Village Hill/ Commitment to the Band/ Good Time Songs/ Root & Jam & Heads & Things/ Happy Song/ Now’s the Time/ Roast Pork/ French Army/ Gone to the Pine Tree/ Shadows & Riff
FABULOUS ANTS BUSH BANDFabulous Ants Bush BandEMSlp7?/
3 tr 7”81/The Tale of Piddle Pete/ The Old Bullock Dray/ The Whale
FAGANS, THESinging the WeavingRestlessca?nd
FAHEY, WarrenBush TraditionsLarrikinlp76/
FAHEY, WarrenNavvy On The LineLarrikin lp76/The Brochlebank EngineersI Came Over From IrelandThe Night ExpressCant Hook and WedgesOn the Queensland Railway LinesThe Sunshine DisasterThe Ten Penny Bit/ Frost is all OverBilly SheahanOnly One More DrinkThe Dying FettlerThe Shooting of the Cr
FAHEY, Warren & the LARRIKINSA Larrikin History of Australia (live)Larrikin2 x 12”87/
FAHEY, Warren & the LARRIKINSBilly of TeaLarrikin lp78Brisbane LadiesMaggie mayThe Eumarella ShoreHeenan and SayersTunesThe New Chum ShearerThe Tolerant manCaptain CookNew Chum ChinamanGooriannawaBroken Down SquatterThe RabitterOne of the HasbeensJones’ Ale
FAHEY, Warren & the LARRIKINSDiggers: Songs of Australians at WarLarrikin lp95/
FAHEY, Warren & the LARRIKINSLime Juice and Vinegar Larrikin lp77Codfish ShantyAccording to the ActThe Lost SailorBlow the Man DownThe Gum Tree CanoeFoley and the GreenThe Golden VanityRolling HomeThe Wonderful CrocodileThe Jolly PuddlersThe Female Rambling SailorThe Catalpa EscapeGinny of the MoorA Long T
FAHEY, Warren & the LARRIKINSPint Pot and Billy samplerAshton Scholastic 6 tr 7”87/Came with Pint Pot & BIlly Book

Tunes/ New Zealand Whales/ The Drovers Dream/ Packing my Things/ Four Little Johnny Cakes/ Little Fish
FAIRBAIRN, RobRemember Port MelbourneFestival15 tr cd91/
FAIRBAIRN, RobSongs & StoriesRFca90/
FEATHERS & WEDGEPithead in the FernLarrikincd94/
FENOUGHTY, DesMust be Gone
10 tr ca*89/Must be Gone/ Macka/ A Song for Susan/ Laura’s Days/ Charlie/ Mary/ Sketching Ken/ Many Years Ago/ Tunes/ Wool Away
FERN CHUTNEYFern ChutneyDog House11 tr 12”*85Dreamtime/ Why are you Lost?/ The Boy/ Rusted Cars/ Strange Sensation/ God Bless you Ireland/ Hasblanca/ A Dream Ago/ Modern Man/ Hold me in Your Eyes/ Look Out my Window
FIDDLER’S GREENBush Dance Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
FIDDLER'S GREENGreen and GoldFGca87/
FIDDLER'S GREENGreener PasturesFGlp?86/
FIDDLER'S GREENGreenhide and KurrajongFGca89/
FIDDLER'S GREENThe Bush Dance Album Vol. 1FGcd93/
FIDDLER'S GREENThe Bush DentistFG17 tr cd92
FIDDLER'S GREENYou Asked for ItRed Dirtcand
FIDDLESTIXAnother AngleA.F.S.4 tr 12”88Hills of Girraween, Homeland, House of Angles, Stealing Fire
FINNEGAN’S WAKEVan Dieman’s LandCandle 12”81/Barney Hare/ Bedlam Boys/ Curragh of Kildare
High Barbary/ Another Jig Will Do
Van Dieman’s Land
Smuggler/ October Winds/ Follow Me Up to Carlow
FIVE & A ZACKTambaroora GoldEMI Custom2 tr 7”83/Tambaroora Gold/ Bump Me Up to Parlaim Cut
FLYING DUTCHMEN, THEBaby the Rain Must FallHMV2 tr 7”65/07
FLYING DUTCHMEN, THEThe AppletreeHMV2 tr 7”65/08The Appletree/ The Leaves are Falling
FLYTE, THETern!Restless11 tr ca89/Dirty Old Town/ John Riley/ Saturday at the Races/ I Ride an Old Paint/ Water of the Clyde/ Turn Turn Turn/ Ring of Iron/ Schooldays Over/ Susan’s Waltz/ Who Knows Where the Time Goes
FOLEY, Chris Slow Street Fast CornerTrade Winds11 tr 12” *81/Look Before You Leap/ Little Children/ For Love has Come/ Jonestown Blues/ More than Just a Song/ Love Is/ Mr Raincoat/ Child of the Morning/ Song in Your Praise/ Piece in Your Game/ Farther Along
FOREST HILL FOLKTreasury of Authentic Australian Bush BalladsW&Glp74The Old Bullock DrayFlash Jack from GundagaiNed KellyFliesCatalpaThe Old Bark HutWild Rover No MoreSpringtime Brings on the ShearingSnowy River RollEumarella ShoreThe Black Velvet BandWoolloomooloo Blues
FRANCIS, RobynUrban GuerillaRFcd9?/
FRANCIS-GRAY, PaulYou Are the OneRissole Records2 tr 7” *84/You Are the One/ Would You Hold It Against Me
12”?ndBlack Velvet BandThere is a ShipThe CatalpaNo Man’s landBallad of 1891Streets of ForbesThe Band Played Waltzing MatildaGoing to GunnedahLachlan Valley WayAll for me Grog
FRANKLYN B PAVENTYPaverty StrickenGlo Audio Studioes13 tr 12”*76/The Old Palmer Song/ Flash Jack from Gundagai/ The Bush Girl/ Queensland Whalers/ Dashing White Sargeant/ Widgeegoera Joe/ Morning Blues/ South Australia/ The Queensland Drover/ Flash Stockmen/ Four little Johnny Cakes/ Dennis O’Riley/ Battle of Aughrim
FRANKLYN B PAVENTYSongs from the Australian Gold RushLarrikin12”86
FRANKLYN B PAVERTYSongs of Convict Australia Larrikinlp88/
FREEMAN, ChrisSilver FingerEMI Custom lp86/
FREEMAN & SHAWChris Freeman and John ShawEMI Customlp81/
GAIA CHOIR, THEWomansongBahloo Music17 tr ca*93/02Gaia Birth Song/ Rhythm of the Earth/ Witches/ We All Come From the Goddess/ Pipes of Pan/ Changing Woman/ Burning Times/ Brave Bold Woman/ Woh Yeh/ Hum Shanti/ The Way of the Woman/ Mother/ Lady of the Cosmos/ Flyin’ High/ We Who Believe in Freedom/ There Will be Peace/ Gaia Chant
GARDNER, Neil+ another?
GARDNER, NeilSaid the BlackbirdSpectanglelpnd
GARLAND, Phil Colonial YesterdaysKiwi
GARLAND, Phil Down a Country RoadKiwi
GARLAND, Phil How Are You Mate? Kiwi
GARLAND, Phil Springtime in the MountainsKiwi
GARLAND, Phil The Bush Telegraph Waiting for the NewsGarland
GARLAND, Phil Wind in the Tussock Kiwi
GARLAND, Phil & CANTERBURYBush Or Swags to RichesKiwi 12”?79
GARLAND, Phil & CANTERBURYCrutchiThe Old Station DaysKiwi 12”?76/
GARLAND, Phil (NZ)Hunger in the AirLarrikin 12”?86/
GARVEY, KeithTales of my Uncle Harry Larrikinlp80/
GEDDES HAWKINS, JenFolk SongsW&G Custom13 tr 12”68?
GERI, JanetteRisingArt & Craftlp86/
GIBBONS, DenisAlong the Old Bush TrackW&G2 tr 7”59/10Along the Old Bush Track/ Changing Heart
GIBBONS, DenisAustralian Folk SongsMasterlpnd
GIBBONS, DenisAustralian Shearing SongsW&G7” ep62/07
GIBBONS, DenisBush SongsW&G7” ep61/04
GIBBONS, DenisDenis GibbonsW&Glp60/06
GIBBONS, DenisDenis GibbonsW&G7” ep72/03
GIBBONS, DenisDennis Gibbons ShowW&Glp62/09
GIBBONS, DenisFolk SongsW&Glp65/02
GIBBONS, DenisFolk Songs for SchoolsW&Glp60/07
GIBBONS, DenisFolk Songs for Schools Vol 2W&Glp63/09
GIBBONS, DenisFolk Songs of Australia Vol 1 W&Glp74/
GIBBONS, DenisFolk Songs Vol 2 W&Glp66/04
GIBBONS, DenisHere Comes SummerW&G2 tr 7”59/09Here Comes Summer/ The Overlanders
GIBBONS, DenisJamaica FarewellMagna Sound2 tr 7”5?/also released on 10”, 78 rpm M-001

Jamaica Farewell/ The Big Rock Candy Mountain
GIBBONS, DenisMarianneMagna Sound2 tr 7”5?/also released on 10”, 78 rpm M-002

Marianne/ The Money Tree
GIBBONS, DenisMichaelW&G2 tr 7”61/06Michael (Row the Boat Ashore)/ The Spinning Wheel
GIBBONS, DenisNational Service BluesW&G2 tr 7”66/03National Service Blues/ Oleanna
GIBBONS, DenisSongs from the SundownersW&G7” ep62/03
GIBBONS, DenisTake a Message to MaryW&G2 tr 7”59/05Take a Message to Mary/ Cindy
GIBBONS, DenisThe Ballad of Kelly’s GangW&G2 tr 7”70/06The Ballad of Kelly’s Gang/ One of the Has Beens
GIBBONS, DenisThe Drovers DreamW&G2 tr 7”60/07The Drovers Dream/ The Blue Tail Fly
Gibbons, DenisThe Fair Dinkum MatildaMove MD3175cd1999Click Go the Shears
The Drovers Dream
Reedy River
Waltzing Matilda
Another Fall of Rain
The Old Bullock Dray
Denis O’Reilly
Wallaby Stew
Lazy Harry’s
The Bush Girl
Billy of Tea
The Billygoat Overland
Botany Bay
The Broken Down Squatter
The Old Palmer Song
The Gum Tree Canoe
The Wild Colonial Boy
Melody of the Rain
LimeJuice Tub
Andy’s Gone with Cattle
South Australia
Waltzing Matilda
Waltzing Matilda
GIBBONS, DenisThe FoxMagna Sound2 tr 7”5?/also released on 10”, 78 rpm M-003

The Fox/ Little Mohee
GIBBONS, DenisThe Old Bark HutW&G2 tr 7”61/06The Old Bark Hut/ Bold Tommy Payne
GIBBONS, DenisTinaW&G2 tr 7”62/01Tina/ The Skye Boat Song
GIBBONS, DenisTraditional & Anonomous W&Glp60/07
GIBBONS, DenisWaltzing MatildaW&G7” ep67/02
GOANNACommon GroundWEA2 tr 7”84Common Ground/ Oceania
GOANNADangerous DancingWEA2 tr 7”85/05Dangerous Dancing/ Shadow of Your Love
GOANNAGoannaEMI Custom4 tr 12”79Livin’ on the Razor’s Edge, On the Platform, Sometimes, Zanzibar
GOANNAOceaniaWEA10 tr 12”, cd85/05re-issue on cd: WEA SPCD 1218

Oceania/ Common Ground/ Every Passing Day/ Dangerous Dancing/ Utopia/ Some Kinda Magic/ Hideaway/ Jinny/ Zanzibar/ This Time Yr’ Running
GOANNARazor’s EdgeWEA2 tr 7” *83Razor’s Edge/ On The Platform
GOANNASolid RockWEA2 tr 7”82/11Solid Rock/ 4 Weeks Gone
GOANNASong For AfricaWEA2 tr 7”85/10Song For Africa/ Zanzibar
GOANNASpirit of Place WEA10 tr 12”, cd82/12Re-issued on cd: WEA ...

Borderline, Cheatin’ Man, Children of the Southern Land, Factory Man, Four Weeks Gone, On the Platform, Razor’s Edge, Scenes, Solid Rock, Stand Yr Ground
GOANNASpirit ReturnsBig Heart Productions/ EMIcd98/11?Sorry/ This Old Town/ Spiritual Thing/ Just a Feeling/ Angel Full of Grace/ Feet of Clay/ Poor Fella my Country/
GOANNAThat Day ... is Coming SoonerWEA2 tr 7”*83That Day ( Is Coming Sooner)/ Comes The Rain
GOANNAWhat Else is a LifeBig Heart Productions/ EMIcds98/06What Else is a Life/
GODDEN, Brian The Old Bark HutSilver Bush Musicca98Waltzing MatildaTie Me Kangaroo DownBotany Bay
GOODING, TinkWe Only Work HereEMI Custom12” with Peter Bell as Tink & Peter82/?A Litte Bit of Steel/ Express/ Whole Life or Half Life/ World Series War/ The Recruit/ Boomtown Victim/ Questions/ Two Lives/ Bill/ Every Scab’s a Hero/ The Human Rights Plan/ Qualifications
GOODTIME BUSH BAND, THEWith a Swaggie on my ShoulderEMI Custom2 tr 7”77/With a Swaggie on my Shoulder/I'm Satisfied
GORDON FRANKLYN and THE WILDERNESS ENSEMBLELet the Franklyn FlowWEA2 tr 7” shared with Bob Brown83/05Let the Franklyn Flow/ Franklyn River- World Heritage
GORKA, TerryLocked Out of ParadiseWEAlp79/
GRADUATES, THECaught in the MidlandsJTV410 tr 12” with Barry Price and Mary Thomas66/
GRADUATES, THEListen to the GraduatesJTV4 tr 7”66/
GREENHILL SINGERS, THEThe Folk Sounds of ...Festival12 tr 12”62?
GREENSLADE, DaveLong BridgeHard Yacka16 tr cd98/11
GREENSLADE, DaveWhere Legends are RememberedHard Yacka12 tr ca with Katrina Carpenter#88/11
GREENWAY, JohnAustralian Folksongs and BalladsFolkways lp59/Botany BayOld Bullock DrayThe Dying StockmanBluey BrinkOne of the Has BeensBrisbane LadiesCaslereagh RiverClick Go the ShearsBold Jack DonaghueWild Colonial BoyWaltzing MatildaThe Dog Sat on the TuckerboxLazy Harry’sBen HallWallaby StewLes
GREGORY, JimSome PeopleRestless12 tr ca87/
GRIEVE, RayThe Exile of ErinBushlark2 tr ca*90/The Exile of Erin/ The Yarmouth Reel
HABEL, RobynRedLarrikin13 tr cd*95/08Million Dollar Man/ Good Friday/ Carry Me/ Tell Me Now/ Love is a Way/ Reminded of Love/ Turn Me On/ In My Head/ Complication/ In the Beginning/ Be a Girl/ Just Like a Child/ Red
HABEL, RobynRobyn HabelRound11 tr cd*93/02Came with two different coloured covers.

Ceasefire/ Just a Habit/ Hear Them Sing/ There’s a World/ The Wind Gets Louder/ Snowfields/ A Poet’s Life/ Just a Breeze/ Ballad of a Searcher/ We Can Change Things/ I Can’t Run
HABEL, RobynThe Son SessionsRHca#90/
HABEL, RobynTurn me OnLarrikin3 tr cd95/08Turn me On, Just Like a Child, Red
HABEL, RobynWelcome to my Living RoomRBca#90/
HABIBIS, THEIntoxicationLarrikin/ Festivalcd98/11
HALL, KatieThe Coast is ClearSell Songslp81/
HALLIARDS, THECome In, Come InPhoenix Rising12 tr 12”nd
HALLOM, GerryA Run a MinuteFellsidefmt?nd
HALLOM, GerryOld Australian WaysFellsidefmt?nd
HALLOM, GerryTravellin' Down the CastlereaghFellsidefmt?nd
HALLOM, GerryUndiscovered Australia vol. 2M. Pangaeafmt?nd
HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL FOLK SINGING GROUPHamilton High School Folk Singing Group3TR12 tr 10”64/
HAMMER AND TONGUESVoices Abreast H&T10 tr ca*91/04More than a Pay Check/ Madre Campesna/ Ajde Red/ Mama and Papa Gonna Join a Union/ Travelling Shoes/ I Wish/ Hay Una Mujer/ Deaths Go On/ Bamthata/ Don’t Let Your Heart
HAMMER ‘N TAPHammer ‘n’ TapSATE16 tr ca82/
HANNAGAN, TerryTired From the TripHarvestlp7?/
HARD YACKA BUSHBANDHard Yacka at BungalaHard Yacka13 tr ca #88/07
HARRIES, PeterPeter Harries PresentsEMI Custom4 tr 7”79/
HARRIS, RolfAll Together NowColumbia4 tr 7”6?Botany Bay/ Click go the Shears/ The Court of King Caractacus/ Waltzing Matilda
HAWKES, PeterSecrets, Vows and LiesLarrikin13 tr cd with Dave Swarbrick98/
HAWKING BROTHERS, THEAustralian HeritageFable28 tr cd*96?South Australia/ The Wild Colonial Boy/ The Lime Juice Tub/ Botany Bay/ Ten Thousand Miles Away/ Bullocky O/ Click go the Shears/ Eumerella Shore/ Ladies of Brisbane/ Flash Jack From Gundagai/ The Drover’s Dream/ With my Swag all on my Shoulder/ The Queensland Drover/ The Old Bullock Dray/ Maggie May/ Ryebuck Shearer/ Black Velvet Band/ Moretan Bay/ Old Bark Hut/ Down in Bungaree/ Maiden’s Prayer/ Waltzing Matilda/ Wild Rover no More/ Stockman in Uniform/ Bluey Brink/ The Springtime Brings on the Shearing/ The Ship That Never Returned/ The Convict and the Rose
HAWKING BROTHERS, THEAustralian HeritageFable lpndSouth AustraliaThe Wild Colonial BoyThe Limejuice TubBotany BayTen Thousand Miles AwayBullocky - OClick Go the ShearsEumarella ShoreLadies of BrisbaneFlash Jack from GundagaiThe Drovers DreamWith a Swag all on My ShoulderThe Queensland Drover
HAWKING BROTHERS, THETruck Drivers LamentFable2 tr 7”ndTruck Drivers Lament/ Waltzing Matilda
HEARTWOODTake Your Chances
10 tr cd97/05
HENDERSON, Don A Ton of SteelUnion12”nd
HENDERSON, DonFlames of DiscontentSeaman’s Union of Australialp79Give Us a JobToo Little and Too LateLunatics PicnicLet’s Hear ItThe Lake BerryessaPromisesThe Picket LineGo to the WallThirty Ton LineAlmost NothingTalking Ampol SarelWhen the Sun Goes Down on Moranbah
HENDERSON, Don In My TimeHot to Trot 12”88Light In Every Country WindowNew Year’s MorningCome To The MeetingTo Be AfraidWas War For Those Who Want ItThirty Ton LineDaddy Of Them AllIn My TimeLegendFourteen Million PeopleLighthouse In The HarbourSome Monkey Who Can
HENDERSON, Don & THE UNION SINGERSOne OutUnion Records 13 tr 12”6?Listen/ Isa/ Cheryl/ The Practical Smoker/ Hooker Rex/ One Man’s Minute/ I Wonder Why/ Talking Mt Isa
The Basic Wage Dream
Pineapple Trimmers Song
Tobacco Sale Blues
Peace is Union Business
HENDERSON, MarionAustralian Folk Songs Vol. 1Pix4 tr 7”6?
HENDERSON, MarionAustralian Folk Songs Vol. 2Pix4 tr 7”6?
HENDERSON, MarionCameoMCAlpnd
HENDERSON, MarionOverseas Folk Songs Vol. 1Pix4 tr 7”6?
HENDERSON, MarionOverseas Folk Songs Vol. 2Pix4 tr 7”6?
HENRY, FranciscusGabriel’s Mother’s Highway Movelp72/
HENRY, Franciscusplus several children’s albums

HERITAGE ENSEMBLE (Bush Music Club)A Fine HeritageBush Music Club: BMC 0011Cassette97/About 2 dozen dance tracks(usually sets of 3 or 4 tunes)from the BMC's Heritage Ballsof 1990 and 1996
HICKS, Meagan SueMaranthaWarnerlp72/
HICKS, PeterPower in the UnionStonewall17 tr ca*91/If It Weren’t for the Union/ Ballad of 1891/ One More Day Than Them/ Preacher and the Slave/ Ballad of Western Main/ Union Workers/ William Brown/ Solidarity Forever/ Joe Hill/ The Internationalists/ Picket Line Reel/ Union Man/ Moura Mine/ The Red Flag/ Working for the Bosses/ Sacco and Vanzetti/ Power in a Union
HICKS, PeterSongs of Peace & JusticeStonewall10 tr ca*91One More Day Than Them/ In our People’s Interest/ Shed No Tears for Mary/ Tim Anderson’s an Innocent Man/ Killing of David Gundy/ Blood in the Boardrooms/ Plane Crash at Los Gatos/ With You/ Messengers of Death/ Seems to Me There Ain’t no Heaven
HICKS, PeterSweet Breath of FreedomStonewall2 tr ca*91Sweet Breath of Freedom/ If It Weren’t for the Union
HICKS, PeterThe Bottom Line
cd97/10Mr Landlord/ Her Bloody Family/ Operation Visit Myanmar/
HICKS, PeterThe Man with the Pink TriangleStonewall4 tr ca*92/The Man with the Pink Triangle/ A World Turned Upside Down/ Fred Nile’s my Shepherd/ Stonewall ‘69
HICKS, Peter and the BORN AGAIN PAGANSFighting BackStonewall12 tr cd*94/04The Blue Shadows at Night/ Bougainville/ Filipino Woman/ Driving the Yankee From the Door/ John Henry/ Stonewall/ Bourgeois Blues/ The Stench of the Swastika/ Marshall Riley’s Army/ Seems to Me There Ain’t No Heaven/ He Who Pays the Piper/ All of Us Together
HILLS, IanChains Freedom and the LandIH13 tr ca*83/White Man Comes/ Port Arthur Wood/ Moreton Bay/ The Chains I Drag Around/ The Wangai People/ Nowhere to Call my Own/ Slave Pay/ Brown Skinned Baby/ Whose Hand/ Seventy Six People/ Legal Aid Song/ Song for Ijantatjarra/ Freedom and the Land
HILLS, IanFar CryLarrikin12 tr 12”*82/Secret of Life/ Never Knew/ Contentment/ Happy Childhood/ Pigs Can Fly/ Autumn in Kansas/ Far Cry/ Sunrise/ Time Stood Still/ Pretty Girl/ Banks of the Condamine
HINDLE, Kevin First Bite at the Big Time EMS lp with Joey MOOREnd
HOME RULEAustralian AccentLarrikinlp88/
HOOD, AlexMe and My FriendsEMI 12”70/All Join Hands Together and Sing a Merry SongBrumby JackPumpkin PaddySong of the ZooOld Bark HutAnything You Want to DoCat Came BackArandaDidgeridooSongs of AustraliaYellow Dog DingoSkip to my LouWaltzing Matilda
HOOD, AlexSeasons of ChangeAXISlp75/How It Used To BeKick Along13 Million PeopleSailor Home from the SeaThe Kelly’s TurningThe Plastic SongGod bless the ramStuck thereBottle of WineIt’s OnThe Service SongTp be AfraidSeasons of Change
HOOD, AlexSongs From the Wallaby Track AXISlpndOld Bullock Dray/ Five Miles from Gundagai/ Queensland Drover/ Chaff Bag Charlie/ Bill Jinks
Dennis O’Reilly
Brumby Jack
Pumpkin Paddy
Flash Jack from Gundagai
Herman’s German Band
The Springtime it Brings on the Shearing
HOOD, AlexSongs of AustraliaAXISlpndBotany Bay/ Flash Jack from Gundagai/ The Springtime it Brings on the Shearing/ Drovers Dream/ Dying Stockman/ Queensland Drovers/ Click go the Shears/ The Lime Juice Tub
The Old Bullock Dray
The Wild Colonial Boy
The Eumarella Shore
Van Dieman’s Land/ +
HOOD, AlexSydney Or The BushEMI lp82New South WalesWater And OilThe Talking DogThe Glory BoxSomeday The Sun Will RiseNot In The JokeLegendEasy TermsQuiet LifeCutting A MonkeyWash Day Monday BluesSelf-Sufficient FarmItinerantsSydney Or The Bush
HOOD, AlexThe First Hundred YearsEMIlp63/CatalpaJim JonesDead HorseSouth AustraliaWhere’s Your LicenceOld Bark HutNew England CockieDeath of Ben HallKellys Byrne and HartOld Bullock DrayOverlander
HOOD, Alex The Flying PiemanAxis11 tr 12”*75?/The Pieman’s Song/ Ten Thousand Miles Away/ The Woolloomooloo Lair/ Birds of a Feather x2/ Lay me Down Dead/ The Convict Maid/ Sydney Town x2/ Billy Boy/
HOOD, AlexThe Second Hundred YearsPaul HamlynlpndWaltzing MatildaAnother Fall of RainBroken Down SquatterJust Before the Battle MotherWoolloomooloo LairLord Gort and the DiggerDinky DiBagman’s LamentQueensland WhalersHow’d You BeLife of the DroverPeople Like MeTypical Australian200 Years Ag
HOOLIGANS, THEUpstairs at Lambertis
HOWARD, ShaneBack To The TrackRCA7”88/Back To The Track/ Mother Earth
HOWARD, ShaneBack To The TrackRCA12”89/03Back to the Track, Big City Blue, Brothers & Sisters, Come On Make Me, Just a Feeling, Long Way Away From My Country, Make no Mistake, Mother Earth, One Eye Johnny
HOWARD, ShaneClanBig Heart/ EMI/ABCcd96/12
HOWARD, ShaneEscape From Reality RCA 7", 3 tr cd91/07Escape From Reality x2, Gabrielle
HOWARD, ShaneFlesh & BloodBMG3 tr cd93/11Flesh & Blood, Silvio, Come One Make Me
HOWARD, ShaneI Shall be ReleasedBMG4 tr cd*93/07I Shall be Released/ Murri Time/ Hunger/ Trouble
HOWARD, ShaneIf the Well Runs DryRCA2 tr 7” *, cd90/09If the Well Runs Dry x2
HOWARD, ShaneJust a FeelingRCA2 tr 7”89/05Just a Feeling/ Big City Blue
HOWARD, ShaneLive in IrelandMDS13 tr cd*94/12Trouble/ Come on Make Me/ Mystified/ Murri Time/ Solid Rock/ Nhyulnhyul Girl/ One Eye Johnny/ Sitting on the Banks/ Murri Time/ Talk of the Town/ Love is a River
HOWARD, ShaneRiverBMG10 tr 12”*90/Walk on Fire/ Heart of my Country/ If the Well Runs Dry/ Love is a River/ Here and Now/No Giving Up/ Gabrielle/ Without You/ Land of Broken Hearts/ Your Love
HOWARD, ShaneThe VideosBMGvideo91?
HOWARD, ShaneTime Will TellBMG16 tr cd*93/11Moonrise Over Djabugai x2/ I Shall be Released/ Trouble/ Mystified/ Murri Time/ Flesh & Blood/ Falling/ Sign of Love/ Soul Sister/ Picked Me Up/ Big Fish/ Touch the Sun/ Moment in Time/ Hunger/ Silvio
HOWARD, ShaneWalk on FireBMG7", 12", ca90/06Walk on Fire/ Love is a River
HUDSON, Bob After me Cat Left HomeM72 tr 7”75/After Me Cat Left Home,/ And the Band Played Watzing Matilda
HUDSON, BobAfter Me Cat Left HomeM712”7526 Tomorrow, After me Cat Left Home, Also Sprach Zarathustra, And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda, The Golden Record, In My Time of Dying, Percy’s Blues, The Pyromaniac, Roar of the Crowd, Ukelele Love Song
HUDSON, BobNewcastle SongM72 tr 7”74Newcastle Song/ Ventriloquist Love

HUDSON, BobNewcastle Song Recorded LiveM712”75Christened My Dog, Clarissa, The Girls of Our Town, I Never Was Born Like Mel, J.L.Budgerigar, Librarian Lady, Living it up on the Dole, Motor Car Song, The Newcastle Song, No More Songs, R Certificate Song, Teenage Cremation, Who’s Your Friend?
HUDSON, Bob Party PiecesLarrikin12”80Cool People and Jazz, Grandmother’s Song, Hymn, I Saw a Flying Saucer, Libel, Memories of the First Royal Tour, Not so Grouse, Queen of Everyone’s Heart, Stealing an Encore, Vincent
HUDSON, Bob Watzing Matilda RockM72 tr 7” *75/Waltzing Matilda Rock/ Heartsmasher
HUNT, LibbyBetween Women6 tr 7” with Pip Porter ndBetween Women/ The Ballad of Janet Oakden/ Grew to be Me/ Welfare Snooper/ Migrant Mother Blues/ Van Dieman’s Land
HUNTER, RubyThoughts WithinWhitecd94/
IDLERS FIVE, THEFaith, Hope And CharityHMV2 tr 7”66/04Faith, Hope And Charity/ If You
IDLERS FIVE, THEIf Pigs Could FlyCBS2 tr 7”68/05If Pigs Could Fly/ Colour my World
IDLERS FIVE, THELands Of YesteryearHMV2 tr 7”66/06Lands Of Yesteryear/ Kind Of A Girl
IDLERS FIVE, THEMelborn and SidenyCBS2 tr 7”68/01Melborn to Sideny/ As Tears Go By
IDLERS FIVE, THESing Folk and Gospel SongsTyr12”64Five Loaves of Bread & Two Fishes, Stewball, Day by Day in the Market Place, Kumbaya, Where have all the Flowers Gone, Go Tell it on the Mountain, Down & Out, March on Brothers, Cherry Tree Carol, Salvos, 500 Miles, God Look Down in Mercy, Blowin’ in the wind, Times are a Changin’
IDLERS FIVE, THEStay With MeHMV2 tr 7”66/10Stay With Me/ Green Valley
IDLERS FIVE, THETimes Are a’Changin’Segue2 tr 7”64Times Are a’Changin’/ What is There Left in Life For Me
ILLOLT, Roger Several CassettesRestlessca with Penny Danks

ILOT, RogerRestlessRestless12 tr 12” with Penny Davies83/
ILOT, RogerThe Proud & Careless NotesRestless12 tr 12” with Penny Davies84/
INDEFINTITE 42nd Thoughts-lpnd
INDEFINTITE 4Thoughts Captured
INKA MARKARipusaniIM12 tr cd*96/
IRVINE, RobbieBonnie Wee Jeanie McCall2 tr 7”ndBonnie Wee Jeanie McCall/ Nobody’s Child
ISOM, David Songs of AustraliaColonial12”?nd
IVES, Burl and Four GuardsmenNine Australian Folk SongsDecca 78 53 ?Wild Rover No MoreThe Station CookThe Springtime it Brings on the ShearingBotany BayThe Stockman's Last BedThe Dying StockmanThe Old Bullock DrayA Nautical Yarn Click Go The Shears

12” lpnd
JACKSON, Mike & MichellePatchworkLarrikinlp80/
JACKSON, Mike & MichelleThe Roaring Days: Songs of Henry LawsonLarrikin12”82/
JACOBS, ShirleyA Voice from the City: Henry LawsonRCA10 tr 12” *71?The Bar/ The Sliprails and the Spur/ The Route March/ A Voice From the City/ The Wattle/ To Hannah/ Gypsy Too/ Scots of the Riverina/ The Fight at the Eureka Stockade/ On the Night Train
JACOBS, ShirleyAustralian Colonial BalladsCrestlpnd
JACOBS, ShirleyBush GirlCrestlp69/
JACOBS, ShirleyCountry GirlRCA10 tr 12” *73Blame it on the Kellys/ I Never Will Marry/ boots of Many Colours/ The Ballad of the Iceman/ I’m Gonna be a Country Girl Again/ The Broken-Down Squatter/ Jump up on the Wool Press/ Westgate Bridge/ The Skipping Girl/ Our Fathers Cleared the Bush
JACOBS, ShirleyDublin to BungareeCrestlpnd
JACOBS, ShirleyEndless HighwaysCrestlpnd
JACOBS, ShirleyJerusalem of GoldCrest7”nd
JACOBS, ShirleyShirley JacobsCamdenlpnd
JACOBS, ShirleySongs of Love & Freedom RCAlp75/
JACOBS, ShirleySydney or the BushRCA7”72/
JARVIS, JimOutskirts of townLarrikinlp77/
JOHN, BartholomewThat’s the Way I FeelAlbertlp74/
JOHNS, DanielDaniel JohnsAccent12”78Everywhere, Gardens of the Sun, Steel City Song, When I Knew it All, North West Arm, For Just One Time, South East Country, Fool’s Gold, Poorest Guy in Town, Ballad of Hilton Clifford, One Man band, Children of the Night
JOHNS, DanielSteel City SongHomespun2 tr 7”77Steel City Song/ Ballad Of H.Clifford
JOHNS, DanielThink Positive
JOHNS SISTERLive in the KitchenRough as Guts12 tr ca89/12No Worries/ Said So/ Shannon/ Nightmares/ Throw Me, House Arrest/ Fullblown/ Sweet moderation/ Monday’s (Just another Day)/ Corporation Lane/ Sooner or Later/ No Way Love/ Truckin Down/
JOHNSON, DanDan JohnsonEureka10 tr 12”82/Willy’s Neck of the Woods/ Ramona (If I Could)/ Typical You/ Maybe/ Main St Conquisador/ Crime of Passion/ Walking in a Shadow/ Patience/ What Do You Want/ Kicks from a Distance
JOHNSON, DanI Can DriveEureka/ Stockade11 tr 12”77/08I Can Drive/ Up Close/ Raglan Lin/ Bored Stiff/ Singing in the Shower/ Mexican Divorce/ The Next Best Thing to New York/ The Stand-up Comic/ Frankie and Johnny/ You Were/ Mooney
JOLLY RUMBYLOWEJolly Rumbylowelp76/
JONES, John JosephCon's SongEMI Custom7” ep65/
JONES, John JosephFive Australian BalladsEMI Custom5 tr 7”64/
JONES, John JosephStony TownEMI Custom7” ep65/
JONES, John JosephWhaling at CarnavonEMI Custom7” ep64/
JUGULARITYIn a Jugular VeinDex10 tr ca90/
JUNER, DaleOnly Burning Me
KANGAROO MOONA Celtic Dreaming
KANGURUDreamingLarrikin4 tr 12”*80/Ras Lila/ Waves of Aquarius/ Kanara Prakar/ Invitation to Dance
KEARNEY, PeterSeveral albums

KELLY, Des & THE WILDCATSNed Kelly BluesCrest2 tr 7”64?/Ned Kelly Blues/ + Instrumental
KELLY’S HEROESStand and DeliverBunyip12”nd
KELLY'S REVENGE BUSH BANDBlame it on the Kellys
cd95/10All for me Grog/ Lime Juice Tub/ Dirty Old Town/ Shelter/ Two Left Feet/ Sonny/ Bendigo Gold/
22 tr cd96/10
KENNY, EndaBaker’s DozenEK13 tr cd*95/Baker’s Dozen/ Red-Eye/ Woden’s Blue Light/ Peregrine/ Last House in our Street/ Rabin/ Calling/ Darwin to Dili/ My Own Road/ Cross of Nails/ Overnight Success/ Earl Grey/ Somewhere in Between
KENNY, EndaTwelve SongsEK12 tr cd94/
KENNY, JudyColonial Australia/ Convict MaidW & G lp71/09Convict maidThe Wild Colonial BoyEumarella ShoreThe OverlanderThe Banks of the CondamineBotany BayClick Go the ShearsThe Drovers DreamThe Nautical YarnThe Dying StockmanAndy’s Gone With CattleThe Death of Ben Hall
KEVANS, Denis City Of Green: Green Ban Songs & BeyondLorikeet Records cd98/Lungs of GreenAcross the Western SuburbsDaisies at Concord HighMonumentsCity of GreenBlow LeavesConcretoRadiation StateAh, White Man, Have You Any Sacred Sites?Gullies of GallipoliFinding the Wollemi PineHey, Banjo, Have You Heard, Mate?Robin
KEVANS, Denis Railway VoicesCombined Railway Unions Cultural Committeeca85
KEVANS, DenisTrains Of TreasureCombined Railway Unions Cultural Committeeca85
KEVANS, Denis with VINEGAR HILLShoulda Been a ChampionLorikeet Records cd95Shoulda Been A ChampionThe Ghost of Sydney Opera HouseWhen Blue Swimmers Come Back to BalmainCome on Souths!Trains of TreasureGreen Ban FusiliersMoss's Gentle FingersThe Woodchip ManMoifaaCouldja Kooka-bloody-burra?Coquelicot (The Popp
KEVANS, JackIt was somewhere in September
ca with Peter Duggan 97Sweeney There's a Bunk in the HumpyThe Ghost at the Second BridgeKnocking AroundThe Old Jimmy WoodserThe Good Old ConcertinaThe Striny-Bark TreeCallaghan's HotelThe Shearer's DreamSaint PeterThe Southerly BusterAs Good As NewThe Me
KILMARNOCKFiddling AroundHard Yacka14 tr cd93/10
KILMARNOCKKilmarnockHard Yacka13 tr cd96/10

KING, RayChullora JunctionAMO Records3 tr 7” with Ron Russell87Chullora Junction/ 3801/ The Zig Zag Railway
KINSFOLKAin’t That News!RCA/ Camden12 tr 12”69/02
KINSFOLKFor TomorrowRCA/ Camdenlp70/01Coal Tatoo/ Whi is Why/ Old Garden Shed/ Hangman/ Blind man/ I Know a Man/ Aint That Good News/ Bethnal Green/ For Tomorrow/ Best of Both Worlds
KIRI-UUKiri-UuEstoterix Records12”89/03
KIRK AND JANEKirk and JaneW&G Custom11 tr 12”65/
KITAMURA, MargaretMargaret KitamuraUnion Records 12”ndThe Coal TatooThe Convict MaidJohnny I Hardly Knew YouOld maid SongSong of the DeporteesThe Water is WideThe Streets of ForbesDowie Dens of YarrowBlow Away the Morning DewAnatheaBright Dires on the HillI Know Where I’m GoingChimes of Freedom
KOORIEKoorieVictorian Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Trust10 tr ca*89/Koorie, Koorie/ Give us Back Our Dancing/ Took the Children Away/ No No No/ Keep Your Handouts/ Bicentennial Blues/ People of Sorrow/ No Celebrations/ Beautiful Child/ Blood and Tears
KOPKE, John & MarySongs From Sovereign HillWilson Recording 4 tr 7”ndSovereign Hill/ Look Out Below/ The Wild Colonial Boy/ The Jolly Puddlers
KOPKE, John & MaryThe Ship MahoganyPlatypus Platters lp82/
LARRIKINS, THEAustralian’s AwakeLarrikin 4 tr 7”80/Union Laws/ Doctors Fees Are Ruining My Health/ Big mal/ The Trifecta Song
LARRIKINS, THEBilly of TeaLarrikinlp78/
LARRIKINS, THELarrikin History of AustraliaLarrikinlp87/
LARRIKINS, THELarrikin SessionsABCcd9?/
LARRIKINS, THELime Juice and Vinegar Larrikinlp85/
LARRIKINS, THENavvy on the LineLarrikinlp76/
LARRIKINS, THEWhile the Billy BoilsLarrikinlp81/
LAVENDER BLUESWake Up Sisterlp78/
LAWTON, TinaFair and TenderCBS12”67
LAWTON, TinaSinging BirdCBS16 tr 12”66Bobby Shaftoe/ Springtime is Returning/ Robin Goch/ Strawberry Fair/ Garton Mother’s Lullaby/ The Heron from Brecon/ The Nightingale/ Singing Bird/ Ballymore Ballad/ In the Orchard/ The Wee Cooper of Fife/ Lagan Love/ I Wish I had Shepherd’s Lamb/ Lisa Dear/ Charlie is my Darling/ Will Ye Go, Lassie Go
LAWTON, TinaTina LawtonCBS15 tr 12”65/Marie’s Wedding/ Spinning Wheel/ One Morning/ Bonnet Trimmed With Blue/ The Lowlands of Holland/ Mr McQuire/ Castle of Dramore/ Spanish Lady/ Trotting to the Fair/ Lord Gregory/ The Birds’ Courting Song/ Welsh Lament/ Blacksmith Song/ She Moved Through the Fair/ Cuckoo Song
LAZY HARRYThe Big Aussie Album Vol 1Newmarket Musiccd98Waltzing MatildaAussie BBQWild Colonial BoyThe OverlandersHome Among The GumtreesClick Go The ShearsHome AgainLazy Harry'sRoad to GudagaiPub with No BeerKookaburra Sits In The Old Gum TreeWhere The Dog Sits On The TuckerboxRedback
LAZY HARRY & the PATTERSON STEAM DRIVEN BUSH BANDOn the Road to GundagaiRamaclp?80/
LEE, Tracey-AnnBorn to be Loved
2 tr 7”77/10
LENKOLenkoStudio 52lp88/
LEORNARD, TommyA Gentle Breeze
18 tr cd97/LegendThree LovesTo Be AfraidIt's OnIn My TimeThe Flash Folk SingerThirty Ton LineItinerantsDon't Stir The WaterIsaSofaSelf Sufficient FarmLighthouse In The HarbourChristmas SongRake And Rambling ManFourteen Million PeopleC
LEWIS, JeanA Time To Be SingingMutual Records6 tr 7”? with Mike Leyden and Chris ShawndA Time To Be Singing/ The banks of Newfoundland/ Brothers Raise Yor Voice/ The Chessboard of Vietnam/ Peace Bread and Roses/ Vorwoerd, Vervoerd, They Cry
LEYDEN, MikeA Time To Be SingingMutual Records6 tr 7”? with Jean Lewis and Chris ShawndA Time To Be Singing/ The banks of Newfoundland/ Brothers Raise Yor Voice/ The Chessboard of Vietnam/ Peace Bread and Roses/ Vorwoerd, Vervoerd, They Cry
LIBERTY SINGERSDerrie Derrie DreamRCA2 tr 7”65/01Derrie Derrie Dream/ Lay Me Down Dead
LINCOLN TRIO, THEWimowehRCA2 tr 7”66/04Wimoweh/ Go Lassie Go
LITTLE BEAUTYLife With MeLB10 tr cd94/
LIVINGSTONE, NathanNathan LivingstoneEMI Custom4 tr 7”*80/My Little Song/ All I Have/ Give a Little Love/ Light of the Morning
LLOYD, A. LAustralian Bush SongsRiversidelp56
LLOYD, A. LBanks Of The CondamineWattle10”571000 Miles AwayWild Colonial BoyFlash Jack From GundagaiBanks Of The CondamineBrisbane LadiesThe OverlanderThe Cockies Of BungareeBold Jack Donahue
LLOYD, A. LClassic A.L. Lloyd: Traditional SongsFellsidefmt?nd
LLOYD, A. LConvicts and Currency LadsWattle5 tr 7”ndBlack Velvet Band/ Euabalong Ball/ Lime Juice Tub/ Van Dieman’s Land/ Jim Jones at Botany Bay
LLOYD, A. LFirst PersonTopic 12”66Four Drunken MaidensSt James’ HospitalThe Kelly SongI Wish My LoveJack OrionThe Lovers GhostRocking the CradleThe Drovers DreamShort Jacket and White TrousersSovay, the Female HighwaymanReynardineFarewell NancyShickered As He Could Be
LLOYD, A.L.Singing SailorsWattle10” with Ewan MacColl57StormalongVan Dieman’s LandThe DreadnoughtLord FranklinPaddy DoyleThe Blackball LineThe Greenland Whale FisheryHaul on the Bowline Blood Red RosesJohnny Todd
LLOYD, A. LThe Banks of the CondamineWattle10” with Peggy Seeger, John Cole57
LLOYD, A. L The Great Australian LegendScore / Topic12” with Martin Wyndham Reade and Trevor Lucas7?/Waltzing MatildaJim Jones of Botany BayThe Wild Colonial BoyThe Streets of ForbesHold Up at Eugowra RocksThe Flash StockmanFive Miles From GundagaiThe Lime Juice TubEuabalong BallThe Banks of the CondamineClick Go the ShearsFlash Jack From Gund
LLOYD, A. LThe Old Bush SongsTopic/ Larrikin cd95
LOBL, PhylBroadmeadow ThistleLarrikin12”80/City Streets/ Newsboy/ Jimmy Blacktown/ Lament for Chile/ Loosing Lady/ Woodturners / Love Song/ Broadmeadow Thistle/ Old Sydney Town/ Westgate Widow/ Seasons of War/ Love is Like a Swallow/ Past Caring/ Find the Sun/ Ship of Fools
LOBL, PhylOn my SelectionLarrikin12”77/Weevils in the Flour/ No More Boomerang/ Sometime Loving/ Not Many Fish/ Factory lad
Norfolk Whalers/ Girls in Our Town/ In Terms of Time and Place/ Right of the Line/ First Fair Wind/ Digital Clocks and Radios/ Band Played Waltzing Matilda
LONG, LionelBest ofRCAlp79/
LONG, LionelClose upColumbialpnd
LONG, LionelLionel LongColumbia7” ep6?
LONG, LionelThe Bold Bushrangers Vol 1Columbia lp6?Michael HoweMacquarie Harbour lamentCash and CoMatt BradyThe CyprusJamie GreenThe Bathurst RebellionThree Hundred LashesDrifting Smoke of the MountainsO’Meally’s ShantyThe Weddin MountaineerMoreton Bay
LONG, LionelThe Bold Bushrangers Vol 2Columbialp6?Captain Moonlight/ The Wild Colonial Boy/ Go Tell Your Father/ The Woddin Mountains Lament/ Sir Frederick Pottinger/ Ben Hall/ Jackie and Darkie/ Thunderbolt
The Ballad of the Peacock
Glenrowan Fairwell
Ned Kelly
LONG, LionelTroubadour - Folk Songs of the British IslesMusic for Pleasure/Paul Hamlyn Pty Ltdlp
The Fox
Barbara Allen
Queen Anne
Early One Morning
The Four Marys
The Ash Grove
The Troubadour Song
The Four Ravens
Green Broom
John Riley
LONG, LionelTroubladorMFPlpnd
LONG, LionelWaltzing MatildaColumbia12 tr 12”, cd66/re-issued on cd Axis CDAX 701574

Waltzing Matilda/ Wallaby Stew/ Reedy Lagoon/ The Old Bullock Dray/ Moreton Bay/ The Drover’s Dream/ Click Go the Shears/ The Wild Rover/ Botany Bay/ Rush Away/ Ring-a-ling/ The Ballad of Cobb & Co
LOWNDES, GrahamMouth MusicJambonelp75/
LOWNDES, GrahamSurvival’s a songAlbert12”73/
LOWNDES, GrahamSurvival’s a songAlbert2 tr 7”74/
LOWNDES, GrahamYesterday’s FlowersJambone2 tr 7”75/
LUCAS, TrevorOverlanderRealisty (UK)12”66/
LUCAS, TrevorSee that My Grave is Kept Clean Eastlp6?
LUCAS, TrevorThe Attic Tracks 1972-84Raven18 tr cd with Sandy Denny & Friends95/
LUMSDEN, DavidMoreton BayScore 12” with Brian Mooney & Martin Wyndham-Read64?The Overlanders/ The Drovers Dream/ No No Never/ Jamie Rayburn’s Fairwell/ Springtime/ Wild Colonial Boy/ Four Little Johnny Cakes/ Jim Jones/ Black Velvet Band/ Moreton Bay/ Thousand Miles Away/ Exile of Erin
LYRICAL FOLKUSThe Persimmon TreeHard Yacka13 tr cd98/10