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Shearers' Cook (1903)

Parody On "Ring The Bell, Watchman."
(By a Gundagai Shearer.)

Inside the hut door a dirty doctor stands
Mixing a duff with his fat greasy hands.
Happy is his face, 'tis a pleasant sight to see,
Boiling down the mutton chops and stewing up the tea.

Ring the bell, doctor, ring, ring, ring,
Yes, yes, we come and good appetites we bring.
Tea a fortnight old, and Roman stew as well,
We'll quickly dispose of it when you ring, ring the bell.

Baring his long arms, first from the grease,
Next for a moment he wipes on his knees.
Then with a vigor that few can excel,
Mixes up the duff you all love so well.

Ring the bell, doctor, &c,

All around the table pleasant murmurs run,
When the signal's given that the big duff is done.
How our lips we smack, and our mouths they water, too,
When we see his fine "lobscouso" and rich Roman stew.

Ring the bell, doctor, &c.

The meal being over, and jokes run apace,
And soon disputes arise as to who will take his place.
Shout, shearers, shout, you are leading holy lives,
You'll all be as fat as matches going home to your wives.

Ring the bell, doctor, &c.


From the Gundagai Independent and Pastoral, Agricultural and Mining Advocate Wednesday 28 October 1903 p. 3.

N.B.-- A dirty cook in the back country at shearing time one we had to "sack." A shearers' cook sometimes is not a very enviable job, the accommodation not being too good, but in all truththis cook was a "dead finish."


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